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Trucker’s seven dogs confiscated after curious person slips and falls while peering into rig, prompting call to animal control 


A truck driver was finally reunited with one of his dogs lost in an animal control raid of his truck in New York earlier this year. 

Trucker Juan Cabrera drives with his seven dogs for company – a fact that led to an odd series of events that ended in one lost dog and one dead dog. During a recent lunch break in Long Island, New York, Cabrera parked his rig and left his dogs in the truck while he grabbed some food. While he was inside, a curious passerby climbed onto his truck to peer inside at his collection of dogs. The curious person then slipped and fell off the rig, hurting themselves and prompting a call to authorities. 

Once police arrived, they noticed the number of dogs in the truck and contacted animal control, who ended up raiding the rig and seizing the dogs, all while Cabrera was inside for lunch. As the animal control officers tried to wrangle the animals, two got away from them – one of these pups was struck and killed by a car on Sunrise Highway, while the other ran off and was missing for a period of time. 

After the incident, Cabrera was required to pay $800 at the shelter to license his dogs in the state of New York before he could have them back, despite not living in the state. Eventually, Cabrera was reunited with the dog that was lost, Cotton, but now he has questions about how everything went down with his animals. 

News 12 The Bronx has reached out to the Suffolk County Police Department about the incident but has not received a response. 


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