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VIDEO: Four-wheelers’ brake for turtles leaves trucker with nowhere to go


A truck driver was left with very few options when a group of four-wheelers stopped in the middle of a highway for a crossing turtle. 

The chain-reaction crash was caught on the trucker’s dash cam on Tuesday, May 16th in Walton County, Florida on  US 331. 

The cars and filming semi truck were heading south when the cars ahead of the rig stopped for a turtle in the road. The trucker was unable to brake in time to avoid the suddenly stopped cars and ended up striking at least two before straddling the turtle in question and ending up on the opposite side of the highway. There were no serious injuries reported. 

“This morning’s crash was the result of a motorist stopping on 331 S to let a turtle cross the highway. A decision that caused a chain reaction affecting multiple vehicles including a large semi, which SURPRISE, doesn’t exactly stop on a dime. Or a silver dollar for that matter,” the Walton County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post about the incident. 

“While no ill intentions were meant, trying to avoid or assist an animal who has made its way onto a busy road can cause you or other drivers life-threatening injuries,” the post warned. 

Watch the dash cam video below.


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