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Video shows big riggers battling on Louisiana interstate


A motorist captured startling video of “two big trucks fighting” on a Louisiana roadway this week.

The video was captured on I-49 near Shreveport on Tuesday, March 28.

In the clip, you can see that two truck drivers are engaged in a road rage battle on the interstate, with both drivers swerving at one another and appearing to try to force each other off of the road as traffic around them slows to try to stay out of the fight. After a third semi truck appears at the scene and blocks traffic in the left lane, one of the truck drivers involved in the highway spat veers off the road and drives in the grassy median to try to get away from the scene.

“I witnessed the most crazy (and scary) thing on the interstate coming home today!!!!  I haven’t ever seen 2 big trucks fighting in the middle of road..and before I started videoing, one of the trucks hit the other’s trailer with his, nearly causing him to wreck. I literally could not believe what I was witnessing lol,” said Kristin Hill Wilson, who captured the video clip.

You can view the video below.


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