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VIDEO: What’s wrong with this picture?


A trucker recently took to the internet to ask his fellow drivers what this guy is thinking. 

In the clip, a trucker drives by a flatbedder who appears to have made some questionable strapping decisions. 

“Wtf is this guy thinking? FL turnpike,” the caption reads. 

“Florida? You answered your own question. He’s not thinking,” wrote one viewer. 

“I wouldn’t have let them load me like that. He has a 53ft flatbed he should’ve had them single those coils out down the center of the trailer that way he could’ve x-strap the front coil and back and center strapped the rest. More safe then have them stacked like that,” wrote another. 

“Screams in flatbed,” wrote one more. 

Check out the clip below.

wtf is this guy thinking? FL turnpike friday.
by u/Nozerone in Truckers

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