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Would you give away a shower credit to a driver in need? Poll shows most truckers would


A poll recently posted in the CDLLife App showed that an overwhelming majority of responding truckers would be happy to help out a fellow driver in need of a shower.

The poll was posted June 7 by user John Hall, who asked, “Would you give a driver one of your shower credits if the driver needed one?”

More than 560 truck drivers responded to the poll as of June 8.

Of the respondents, 91% said that yes, they would give away a shower credit.

Only 2% responded ‘no.’

Finally, 7% of poll respondents said that it depends on the circumstances.

Many app users took to the comment section to give their takes on helping out fellow drivers in this way. See some of the responses below:

  • Without a doubt, if they’re proud enough to ask, I’m man enough to give it. It’s called working together.
  • I’ve done it many times and I’m always happy to help another driver out. I have more points and credits than I know what to do with.
  • Why wouldn’t you?
  • Usually give one at least once a month. Been doing it for 20 years.
  • Yep…All they have to do is ask, and if I have an extra I will give it to them.”
  • I’m local so I don’t need the shower credit. [If] you ever run into me I have TA and Petro shower credits.
  • No problem helping another driver out when I ran. Many mega’s fuel programs don’t allow for drivers to obtain points so.. help a driver out.

Drivers, do you give away your shower credits (when you can)? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook!


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