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The life of a trucker is a demanding profession, both mentally and physically.  Find helpful articles, tips, advice, and recipes to help improve your quality of life on the road.

Sleep Apnea Testing Costly For Truck Drivers

Survey: Suspected Sleep Apnea Is Costly For Truckers

A new survey released by the American Transportation Research Institute says that sleep apnea screening can cost thousands of dollars -- and that more than half of truck drivers pay at least some of these...
Top 9 Reasons Trucker Quit Their Jobs

Top 9 Reasons That Truck Drivers Leave Their Jobs

A recent study performed by HireRight quizzed truck drivers on why they decided to quit their jobs. Here are the top 9 factors that drivers say made them leave their trucking jobs (note that the...
Workplace Violence Warning Signs

7 Workplace Violence Warning Signs You Should Know

The tragedy that struck Knight Transportation in Texas yesterday goes to reinforce the fact that no industry, trucking included, is safe from the threat of workplace violence. And the threat of workplace violence isn't going...
Foods To Boost Heart Health

7 Foods To Eat To Boost Heart Health

Heart disease is a major threat to the health of commercial vehicle drivers. While you can't change everything about the trucker lifestyle that can put your heart health at risk, you can try to...
Allergy-Proof Your Truck

Driving With Allergies Is Dangerous — Here’s How To Allergy-Proof Your Truck

You may think that driving with a constant sneeze or itchy eyes caused by seasonal allergies is no big deal, but a study on how your allergies affect driving ability might make you change...
Genius Uses For Table Salt

8 Genius Uses For Table Salt

Most people think table salt is just for spicing up bland food, but there are some really good (and totally unexpected) reasons to keep some in your truck! You Can Use Table Salt To: Make even...
Surprising Health Benefits Of Donating Blood

5 Surprising Ways That Donating Blood Is Good For You

Most people think that you donate blood to help others -- but did you know that when you donate blood, you actually do something good for yourself as well? Here are a few surprising...
Untreated Sleep Apnea Linked To Increased Number Of Crashes

Study: Untreated Sleep Apnea Dramatically Increases Crash Rate

A study released today shows that untreated sleep apnea is linked to a dramatic increase in serious preventable crashes. Untreated Sleep Apnea Increases Crash Risk By Five Times The Truckers & Turnover Project study at the University...
Sleep With Me Podcast

Fight Insomnia With “Sleep With Me” Podcast

If you ever struggle to sleep because racing thoughts and nagging worries keep you awake, consider giving the "Sleep With Me" podcast a try! "Sleep With Me" Bores You To Sleep The "Sleep With Me" podcast,...
Study: Too Much Or Too Little Sleep Increases Diabetes Risks For Men

8 Foods That Increase The Quality Of Your Sleep

As a trucker, a restful night's sleep is not just a luxury -- it is essential for keeping you and everyone else out on the road safe. But the challenges of a driver's schedule can...
Weird Things That Can Change Your Body Odor

Five Weird Things That Can Change Your Body Odor

No matter how much you shower, when you're stuck by yourself in a truck for days or weeks at a time, you become very familiar with your own body odor. But have you ever noticed...
6 Symptoms Of Sciatica That Truck Drivers Should Know

5 Quick Workouts To Fight Knee Pain

If you're a truck driver, chances are you have at least a little bit of trouble with your knees. The everyday demands of trucking are tough on all parts of your body -- knees...
Foods To Fight High Blood Pressure

7 Foods That Can Help Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

It's every truck driver's nightmare -- having to turn in the keys to your truck because your blood pressure is too high for you to be re-certified. While many cases of high blood pressure require...
Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

4 Overlooked Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

Being on the road for days, weeks, or months at a time can make romantic relationships tough. Many trucking couples struggle with issues involving trust, loneliness, and lack of intimacy. On the other hand, many...
Shorter, More Frequent Workouts

It All Adds Up: The Benefits Of Breaking Up Your Workouts

In an ideal world, you'd be able to make it to the gym to work out for a full hour five days a week. Newsflash. This is not an ideal world, especially for truckers. A full...
Zika Facts

Zika Virus “Spreading Explosively”: 9 Facts You Should Know

Public health officials all over the world are alarmed about the spread of the Zika virus. The headlines about the rapid spread of the virus are scary, but should you be concerned? Here's what...

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