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This week, the Iowa 80 Group opened a large warehouse and distribution center for trucking parts and accessories.
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently discovered a slew of violations after pulling over a truck-trailer combination in Redding.

Local news station confronts hazmat drivers for smoking on the job

Atlanta news station WSB-TV just released the results of a two month investigation into hazmat truck drivers smoking behind the wheel.

VIDEO: Car driver would rather get hit by a truck than miss his exit

A car driver displays some serious lack of judgment when he comes to a near stop on an Atlanta highway, then cuts across two lanes in front of a semi truck -- all to make his exit.

“Parked” USPS trailer spotted on congested I-75/85 in Atlanta

An image of a stranded United States Postal Service trailer captured on the Downtown Connector in Atlanta has gone viral on social media this week, leaving many users wondering if it is legitimate.

Georgia in development on the first truck-only roadway in the U.S.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is working on a project that will create 40 miles of toll-free, truck-only roadway stretching from the metro...

VIDEO: Oversized I-Beam falls off truck, nearly crushes flagger

In this car driver's dash cam video, a truck driver hauling an I-beam though Atlanta loses his load, causing a scary close call for...

Averitt Express: Why work for a company when you can join a family?

When you ask employees about Averitt Express, there's a word that you hear over and over again: family. Here's what Facebook users had to say...

VIDEO: Truck driver booted for pulling over to wait out Hurricane Irma

A truck driver hauling hazardous chemicals decided to pull off the road as Hurricane Irma raged through Atlanta -- but his decision came with...

Judge Orders Trucker To Carry Photo Of Teen Killed In Crash He Caused

A Georgia judge has ordered a truck driver from New Mexico to carry a photo of a teen girl who was killed in a...

Chiropractor Pleads Guilty To Giving Fake DOT Exams

A Georgia chiropractor has pled guilty to charges after he reportedly gave truck drivers medical certifications without actually performing the required physical exams. Chiropractor Enters Guilty...

VIDEO: Good Samaritans Chase Motorist Who Sideswiped Propane Truck

Two motorists who just witnessed a car sideswiping a propane truck and driving away follow the driver and and can't believe what they see.    

VIDEO: Car Topples Hazmat Truck By Doing U-Turn On Atlanta Interstate

Caught on camera -- a car does a U-turn on Atlanta's Downtown Connector, cutting off a semi and causing a Hazmat crash that shut down...

Remember the Bridge Collapse In Atlanta? Trump Meets With I-85 First Responders Today

Today President Donald Trump invited a group of first responders from the massive fire and bridge collapse of I-85 in Atlanta to the White...

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