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VIDEO: Scania Australia Truck Driver Competition Final 2014

Check out these final moments from the Scania Australia 2014 Truck Driver Competition!

VIDEO: Car Sideswipes Truck, Flees Scene

Right when things are starting to look a little dicey after a car sideswipes this truck driver, another driver steps in and helps by catching the license plate number of the fleeing car!

Video: Car Loses Control in Front of Truck

According to Dash Cam Owners of Australia, this accident occurred in Melbourne, Australia. A car driver loses control and spins in front of a truck. Fortunately, the truck driver was able to stop in time!

Video: Truck Narrowly Avoids Plowing into Two Cars

According to Dash Cam Owners of Australia, this near miss occurred on Victor Harbour Road. The truck narrowly avoids plowing into two cars.

Video: DHL Employees Caught Throwing Packages Onto Truck

DHL employees were caught on camera throwing packages onto a truck.

Video: Poorly-Timed Turn

This driver must have assumed the on-coming driver was turning. You know what they say about making assumptions....

Video: SUV Tries to Share a Lane with a Truck and Fails

A distracted (?) SUV driver gets into a truck's lane, and the truck takes the SUV for a ride.

Video: Sleepy Driver Hits Truck

A driver in Australia fell asleep and crashed head-on with a truck. VOLUME AND LANGUAGE WARNING

VIDEO: Car Attempts To Squeeze Past A Wide Load

An impatient driver tries to squeeze by an wide load. It was a bad idea.

Pretend Roadwork

"Pretend Roadwork!" - This is definitely a thought that's crossed all of our minds at one time or another!

Australian Bomb Squad Called To Monash Freeway

A 35-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday after a major incident on the Melborne (Australia) Monash Freeway.

VIDEO: Truck Towing Fail (Full Version)

Terrible truck tow.

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