Illinois State Police arrested a truck driver on drug trafficking charges after finding a large amount of suspected cocaine/fentanyl during a routine roadside CMV inspection.
A trucking company in Illinois used earpieces to help CDL test takers cheat in exchange for money, new court documents reveal.  Mykola Datkun, the owner of Maximum Services Inc. in Island Lake, Illinois appeared in a Chicago...

VIDEO: Runaway Truck Hits House

A trucker making a delivery has a very bad day when his rig rolls backwards into a house, causing thousands of dollars worth of...

VIDEO: Hero Trucker Jackknifes To Avoid School Bus Full Of Kids

Austrialian police have released video of the moment that a truck driver's skill and alertness prevents a potentially fatal crash with a school bus...

VIDEO: Dump Truck Loses Brakes, T-Bones Sedan

Watch as an out of control dump truck sails through an intersection, running a red light, slamming into a sedan, and winding up in...

VIDEO: Car Topples Hazmat Truck By Doing U-Turn On Atlanta Interstate

Caught on camera -- a car does a U-turn on Atlanta's Downtown Connector, cutting off a semi and causing a Hazmat crash that shut down...

VIDEO: Camper Pays The Price For Pulling Out In Front Of Semi

A camper pulls out to make a left turn -- and gets clobbered by an oncoming semi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG7muUvRaZY Video Credit: A G

VIDEO: Man Attacks Trucker With Shovel In Road Rage Incident

A road rage incident following a two truck collision in Greater Manchester turns violent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRP5roCnHnM Video Credit: GM Police

VIDEO: Garbage Truck Collides With Van In Intersection

A hard intersection collision caught on CCTV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnMUERt0h9I Video Credit: Dan Low

VIDEO: Right Turn Gone Wrong

Things do not go according to plan when a truck attempts a right turn in an intersection. https://youtu.be/fZDj4sJxTlE Video Credit: cosxcam

VIDEO: All Hell Breaks Loose When Hay Bales Fall Off Truck

Watch as falling hay bales do some serious damage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnjfwzFztBQ Video Credit: TheJournal.ie

VIDEO: Fuel Truck Driver Robbed At Gunpoint In Orlando

In this shocking video, two armed suspects rob a fuel truck driver at gunpoint at a Chevron Gas Station in Orlando, Florida. From the video description:...

VIDEO: Drunk Truck Driver Zig Zags And Reverses Half A Mile On Busy Road

This video released by the Staffordshire Police shows a drunk truck driver reversing and zig zagging for half a mile down a busy highway....

VIDEO: Truck Sideswipes Parked Car

A truck driver is captured on security cameras as he sideswipes a parked car on a narrow road. https://youtu.be/108M-tVbnOw Video Credit: papa hov

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