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Several semi trucks were filmed behaving badly in this dash cam clip that ends in a serious fender bender for all involved.  In the clip, a lime green semi truck is trying to pass at least two...
The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) recently opened a new commercial vehicle inspection station along I-495.

VIDEO: Trucker makes last nanosecond save

A trucker has a super close call with slowed traffic.

Distracted driving penalties to increase dramatically in Oregon starting July 1

Starting on the 1st of July, drivers caught texting behind the wheel will face increased penalties in the state of Oregon.

VIDEO: Car drivers involve trucker in multi-vehicle pileup

A highway pileup involving five cars and a semi truck is captured by the truck driver's dash cam.

Georgia passes law forbidding drivers from hold phones while driving

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed a bill into law making it illegal to hold a phone while operating a vehicle.

VIDEO: Police say that trucker was distracted when he hit motorcyclist

Police say that distracted driving is to blame for a truck vs. motorcycle crash that knocked a man off of his bike.

Man live streaming his commute to make the drive “less boring” films the moment he collides with big rig

A California man was hospitalized after he was T-boned by a semi truck while live streaming his commute on Facebook.

Minnesota State Patrol declares “enough is enough” after fatal distracted driving crash

The Minnesota State Patrol issued a heart-rendering plea to end distracted driving following a fatal truck vs. car incident that happened in Washington County...

VIDEO: Distracted car driver causes terrifying truck crash

Watch as a reportedly distracted car driver spins out after colliding with a barrier, leaving a truck driver with nowhere to go to escape...

Trucker who caused fatal crash while allegedly taking Facebook quiz sentenced to 6 – 15 years

An Ohio truck driver was sentenced on Wednesday for a fatal 2015 crash that reportedly occurred while he was distracted by a Facebook quiz...

Politician stuns trucking community by suggesting drowsy truckers should be electrically shocked

An Australian politician is facing heavy criticism after making a bizarre suggestion about cutting down on the number of crashes by administering electric shocks...

VIDEO: Two brushes with death and a little wave

An inattentive car driver almost gets hit by a truck -- twice -- and then nonchalantly gives the truck driver who almost pancaked her a...

Arkansas trucker’s “Blind Driver” social media message goes viral

An Arkansas truck driver who is fed up with distracted driving came up with an unforgettable way to drive her point home. "Blind" Woman Caught...

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