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This week, the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) honored a farmer and his son who risked their lives to save a blacked-out trucker from crashing off an I-70 overpass in December.
Truck driver commits suicide after being arrested for migrant smuggling attempt in Texas earlier this month.  The incident began at about 6:45 p.m. on February 17th when a red tractor trailer arrived at the Interstate 35 Border...

Here’s what you need to know for Hours of Service-focused Roadcheck 2018

This is the first year of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)'s annual International Roadcheck inspection spree since the ELD Mandate went into effect -- are you ready?

Prepass announces newest bypass service for truckers

Prepass has announced a brand new list of sites and upgrades for hundreds of thousands of trucks utilizing their services nationwide. This array of new...

California food bank grapples with rising freight costs blamed on ELDs

A food bank in San Luis Obispo County, California, says that they are having trouble keeping fresh produce in stock because new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations have caused their freight costs to double or even triple.

Virginia lawmaker raises alarm about truck parking problem

A Virginia delegate believes that the ELD Mandate is to blame for a serious safety issue after he spotted numerous truck drivers with nowhere to park lined up on the shoulders and onramps of the interstate.

Tennessee passes law forbidding use of state funds for ELD enforcement on some ag haulers

Last week Tennessee governor Bill Haslam signed a bill into law that would prevent any state funds to be used for the enforcement of Electronic Logging Device regulations for certain agricultural haulers.

VIDEO: Man tased during trucker protest in Washington

Disturbing video that was captured during today's truck driver protest activities in Washington show a man being tased and then put into handcuffs by authorities as a group of angry drivers look on.

Inspectors to zero in on Hours of Service violations during Roadcheck 2018

Today the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announced the dates and focus for this year's Roadcheck inspection campaign.

Self-driving trucks may see congressional action in 2018

The controversial self-driving truck regulations may see Congressional action this year. Lawmakers Mull Autonomous Truck Legislation According to Bloomberg Government, Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo) wants to...

New Tennessee bill would forbid use of state money to enforce ELD laws

New legislation introduced in Tennessee would undermine federal Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations by prohibiting the use of state funds to enforce the regulation. The...

Driver says that trucks are parked on the shoulder because of ELDs

A driver recently shared video footage of trucks lined up along the shoulder of the interstate at two a.m. because he says that the...

Truckers across the country come together to protest ELDs

Today thousands of truck drivers from all across America took part in protests against the FMCSA's Electronic Logging Device Mandate. My representatives and staff in...

VIDEO: Operation Black And Blue

This video from Texomatic Pictures is designed to raise awareness about Operation Black and Blue, which is "a coordinated effort by truck drivers who...

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