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VIDEO: One Big Rig Rear Ends Another

Take a look at this two-truck rear end collision captured on dash cam! Video Credit: phillberto

VIDEO: Cadillac Cuts Off Truck, Gets Rear Ended

This trucker's dash cam captured the moment that he was unable to stop in time to avoid a rear end crash after he was...

72 Injured In Crash Involving Two School Buses, Big Rig

A crash involving two school buses and one big rig sent 72 people to the hospital yesterday. School Buses Picking Up Students During Crash The crash...

VIDEO: Box Truck Rear Ends Pickup

Watch as a pickup makes a quick lane change, then gets rear ended by a box truck! https://youtu.be/108M-tVbnOw Video Credit: Andres Roman

VIDEO: Big Rig Rear Ends Another Truck

Watch from inside the cab as a truck pulled over on the shoulder of the road is rear ended by another truck. Both drivers...

VIDEO: Cut Off Karma

This car driver cut across multiple lanes of traffic and into a truck's lane of travel. The car driver was stopping in front of the truck to make an illegal u-turn in the median, which she admitted to the trooper. She was found at fault and ticketed f

Crash Involving 2 Trucks And School Bus Injures 9 Students

A truck driver has been cited following an accident involving two trucks and a school bus in Beach Park, Illinois, yesterday. The crash happened around...

NHTSA Asks For Stronger Underride Guards

The NHTSA announced that they recommend stronger underride guards on trucks to cut down on deaths when passenger vehicles rear end trucks. Around 400 people...

Two 18-Wheeler Collision Kills Truck Driver Standing Outside Of Rig

A truck driver was killed after he got out of his truck and was rear-ended by another truck on a Minnesota highway last night. Police...

VIDEO: Escort Vehicle Rear Ends Truck Reportedly Transporting Nuke

According to the video description, this onlooker captured the moment that a truck transporting what is believed to be a nuclear weapon was rear...

VIDEO: Box Truck Rear-Ended On Highway

Watch as an SUV driver swerves and rear-ends a box truck on the highway, causing it to crash. Source: RoadCams

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