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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provided guidance for truckers with an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) affected by the Microsoft outage.
California police arrested a truck driver following a truck fire and explosion in Tracy on Wednesday.

Report: Over 55,000 U.S. Bridges Are Deficient

New data from the U.S. Department of Transportation shows that an alarming number of American bridges are structurally deficient. According to DOT data analyzed by...

White House Report Predicts That 80% to 100% Of Truckers At Risk Of Losing Jobs To Automation

A new White House report on the effect of automation on the job market makes startling predictions for the trucking industry. The report finds that...

NTSB Blames “Probable” Driver Fatigue And Meth For 2015 Crash That Killed Six

Yesterday the National Transportation Safety Board ruled that a truck driver probably failed to get the required amount of rest and had taken methamphetamine...

CBS2’s “Hauling Danger” Promo Sparks Social Media Backlash

Though the report has yet to air, the promo video for CBS New York's segment "Hauling Danger" has already drawn angry responses for what...

J.B. Hunt Tells Shippers To Stop Wasting Driver’s Time

J.B. Hunt released a report to help shippers understand HOS rules and how wasting a truck driver's time costs everyone money.

ATA: Truck Crash Rate Down 1.6%

The fatality rate has dropped 39.2% over the last decade, the ATA says, and the injury rate has dropped 34.2%.

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