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Supermarket Honors Million Mile Safe Truck Drivers

Stater Bros. Supermarkets inducted a few more "Million Mile'rs" at this year's Safe Driving Award Banquet.

If Trucks Stopped…

Have you thanked a trucker today? You should.

Ohio Senator Challenges Speculators on Oil Prices

An Ohio senator is pressuring Obama and the Justice Department to combat high fuel prices by limiting the Wall Street practice of oil speculation.

10,200 Trucking Jobs Added in February 2012

New trucking jobs added and the outlook is encouraging, but the industry still isn't where it was five years ago.

Commercial Vehicle Orders Down But Remain Encouraging

The trucking industry will outperform the U.S. economy this year, with truck freight growing 3.9 percent, greater than overall GDP, according to FTR Associates.

Class 8 Truck Prices Forcasted to Increase in 2012

Sleeper tractor prices are rising. Can you handle the increase?

How Will Trucking Overcome the Driver Shortage? Pt. 2

To combat the qualified driver shortage within the trucking industry, some carriers are trying new tactics to keep their edge. Is it working?

ATA CEO Bill Graves Files Lawsuit Over HOS Ruling

Citing unqualified predictions about safety and productivity, Bill Graves of the ATA is asking a Circuit Court of Appeals to roll back the revised Hours of Service ruling handed down in Nov. 2011.

Does Driving an Electric Truck Save Money?

If professional truck drivers found that electric trucks saved transportation costs, would they make the switch?

Truckers & Food Processors Team Up with Technology

Revised food safety standards have trucking companies and processors working together with technology.

Driver Shortages Force Carriers To Revise Salary Caps

Industry researchers and carriers are almost in complete agreement that truck driver salaries need to rise in order to get more qualified drivers back to work.

2011 Featured Peak Levels of Cargo Theft

The crime of cargo theft is on the rise which is bad news for long haul truckers. They seem to be targeting lower value freight, however.

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