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Missouri Lawmakers Considering Tolls for I-70

Upgrading I-70 across Missouri has been a problem that has plagued state lawmakers for years. They finally decide levying tolls on travelers may be the answer. Is it?

Trucker Group Against Ohio Speed Increase

Since semi truck safety issues are currently in the national spotlight, the Ohio Trucking Association has declined to support a speed increase that could help truckers cover more distance during hours of service.

Stability Control Systems – Why Do the Feds Want Them?

The NHTSA studies show that stability control systems can potentially save a few more lives on the road. Is the projected cost worth it?

2012 HOS Rule – Shipping Co’s Aren’t Happy

Once again, new regulatory policy out of Washington passes because it looks good on paper, but does it work in real life?

Infographic: Dangers of Distracted Driving

Truckers aren't immune to the dangers of distracted driving. This infographic features some statistics that might shock you.

The Transportation Industry: It’s F**king Big

We knew the numbers were big, but we didn't know they'd be THIS big. Take a look at an infographic that gives an impression of the size of Transportation.

Healthy Habits Through Homophily

A new study in the journal Science concludes that when it comes to developing and keeping up with healthy habits, finding a friend or two who want to build them with you is the best thing. Why?

Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban for Truckers Now In Effect

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood issued a final ruling on the federal hand-held cell phone ban for commercial carriers. Is it a good idea, and more importantly, can it be enforced?

Survey: Mobile Phone Use for Truckers

This August 2011 survey by uShip found there was a growth of nearly 3/5ths in mobile phone use by truckers in their daily business operations.

The Pre-Trip Inspection Nov. 28 – Dec. 3

The Pre-Trip Inspection is your place for transportation industry news that effects you. Check back before you go and stay in the know.

The Pre-Trip Inspection Nov 21 – 26

November 21 trucking and transportation industry issues; budget battles, highway and bridge safety plans, state elections, FMCSA rulings and more...

Trends in Transportation: Fall 2011

The two year economic turndown is still having effects in 2011. The Transportation industry is large, but never immune to waning consumer product demand.

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