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Joplin Tornado, One Year Later: Hazel’s Story

Tragedy and hope one year after the Joplin tornado. We were fortunate enough to get to hear Hazel's story. Now it's your turn. Read this story of hope.

Connecticut Teen Charged With Negligent Homicide

A Connecticut teen is facing vehicular homicide charges for the death of a 43-year-old jogger. What was she doing at the time of the accident?

Trucking Industry Growth For 2012: Analysts Temper Expectations

Trucking industry growth for 2012 has analytics tempering their expectations. Largely due to the job market, trucking industry growth will likely be slow.

1,800 New Trucking Jobs Added in April

Get the latest statistics on for-hire trucking jobs and the national unemployment rate.

Infographic: Basics of the Truck Driving Industry

How much does a truck weigh? How far does a Class 8 tractor go? This infographic gives you an idea.

Volvo Sales: First Quarter Looks Good for 2012

Volvo reports better than expected numbers for the first quarter. Is it a sign of a strengthening economy?

Infographic: The U.S. Trucking Industry

During your day to day drive on our nation's highways, did you ever wonder just how big and important the industry of trucking is? This infographic can give you a good idea.

Truck Driver Employment Rate Rises Slightly In 2011

Employment rates for truckers rise for the first time since the all-time high in 2008. What made the difference?

ATA Releases the 2012 Edition of American Trucking Trends

The ATA released its annual edition of American Trucking Trends for 2012. How much gasoline did trucks use last year? What is the percentage of women and minority truckers? Find out here.

Infographic: What Are Truck Drivers’ Favorite Brands?

A survey from Atlas shows that many drivers have a strong sense of brand loyalty. Find out what companies they say are their favorites? Do you agree?

New “Safety Corridors” Proposed for Kansas

Been stung with a speeding ticket? Kansas is ready to capitalize on your misfortune...

FMCSA Pushing for Speed Limiters on All Trucks

Citing the results of a new study in conjunction with some previous European surveys, the FMCSA feels that truck safety can get even better by installing speed limiters.

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