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Thousands of truck drivers risk losing their commercial driving privileges in a matter of months due to violations recorded in a federal drug and alcohol database.
A new law restricting commercial vehicles on I-70 in Colorado will go into effect in less than a month.

VIDEO: Rogue Tire Goes On Assassination Mission

In this unbelievable video, a tire flies off of a moving vehicle, enters a pharmacy, and wallops a guy in a meeting. Wheel takes off...

PRESS RELEASE: Love’s To Broaden Semi Maintenance Services

(OKLAHOMA CITY, September 28, 2016) – Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Inc. (Love’s) announced today it will expand its truck maintenance program at all...

VIDEO: Tire Blowout Causes Box Truck Rollover

A blowout results in a violent rollover crash on I-495 south. https://youtu.be/LMAPUo4tav8 Video Credit: Jager Popov

VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures The Force Of Truck Tire Blowout

This dash cammer was able to capture the impressive force of a truck tire blowout on film. https://youtu.be/108M-tVbnOw Video Credit: Dash Cammer  

VIDEO: Blowout Sends Pickup Crashing Into Truck

Watch as a tire blowout sends a pickup crashing into a concrete barrier and then into a truck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfbsY-3sung Video Credit: cadreamin45

VIDEO: Truck Tire Chases Woman

Watch as a woman has to run for her life when a tire comes off of a passing truck and comes hurtling towards her! Video...

VIDEO: Truck Tire Blowout Causes Close Call With Car

Watch as a sudden truck tire blowout sends a truck veering into the left lane, causing a close call with a car! Video Credit: XxlargemanxX

VIDEO: Oversized Truck Tire Shreds And Hits Escort

Watch as this truck hauling an oversized load gets a tire blowout, sending his shredded tire flying into the windshield of his escort vehicle! Source: ViralHog

VIDEO: Oil Slick Causes Crash

According to the video description, this crash occurred after a tire fell off of a Honda Accord. An 18 wheeler then ran over the...

VIDEO: Tire Explosion Strips Man’s Pants

In this unbelievable security footage, a massive tire explosion is captured blowing the pants of an unsuspecting mechanic.

VIDEO: Truck Tire Blows Out, Truck Flips on Bridge

A truck's tire blows out, causing the truck to roll on its side. The truck skids along the bridge.

VIDEO: Trailer Tire Explodes, Bumper Flies At Truck

"This is for the people who think it's such a good idea to ride right beside a semi or tailgate a truck without realizing what danger they are putting themselves in," the video's description states.

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