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Illinois State Police arrested a truck driver on drug trafficking charges after finding a large amount of suspected cocaine/fentanyl during a routine roadside CMV inspection.
A trucking company in Illinois used earpieces to help CDL test takers cheat in exchange for money, new court documents reveal.  Mykola Datkun, the owner of Maximum Services Inc. in Island Lake, Illinois appeared in a Chicago...

VIDEO: Rogue Tire Goes On Assassination Mission

In this unbelievable video, a tire flies off of a moving vehicle, enters a pharmacy, and wallops a guy in a meeting. Wheel takes off...

PRESS RELEASE: Love’s To Broaden Semi Maintenance Services

(OKLAHOMA CITY, September 28, 2016) – Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Inc. (Love’s) announced today it will expand its truck maintenance program at all...

VIDEO: Tire Blowout Causes Box Truck Rollover

A blowout results in a violent rollover crash on I-495 south. https://youtu.be/LMAPUo4tav8 Video Credit: Jager Popov

VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures The Force Of Truck Tire Blowout

This dash cammer was able to capture the impressive force of a truck tire blowout on film. https://youtu.be/108M-tVbnOw Video Credit: Dash Cammer  

VIDEO: Blowout Sends Pickup Crashing Into Truck

Watch as a tire blowout sends a pickup crashing into a concrete barrier and then into a truck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfbsY-3sung Video Credit: cadreamin45

VIDEO: Truck Tire Chases Woman

Watch as a woman has to run for her life when a tire comes off of a passing truck and comes hurtling towards her! Video...

VIDEO: Truck Tire Blowout Causes Close Call With Car

Watch as a sudden truck tire blowout sends a truck veering into the left lane, causing a close call with a car! Video Credit: XxlargemanxX

VIDEO: Oversized Truck Tire Shreds And Hits Escort

Watch as this truck hauling an oversized load gets a tire blowout, sending his shredded tire flying into the windshield of his escort vehicle! Source: ViralHog

VIDEO: Oil Slick Causes Crash

According to the video description, this crash occurred after a tire fell off of a Honda Accord. An 18 wheeler then ran over the...

VIDEO: Tire Explosion Strips Man’s Pants

In this unbelievable security footage, a massive tire explosion is captured blowing the pants of an unsuspecting mechanic.

VIDEO: Truck Tire Blows Out, Truck Flips on Bridge

A truck's tire blows out, causing the truck to roll on its side. The truck skids along the bridge.

VIDEO: Trailer Tire Explodes, Bumper Flies At Truck

"This is for the people who think it's such a good idea to ride right beside a semi or tailgate a truck without realizing what danger they are putting themselves in," the video's description states.

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