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VIDEO: Wheel Comes Off Truck, Hits Car Head On

Watch as a tire comes off a truck, misses a bus, and smashes into a car. Hoping everyone made it out okay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AqOHnjU0kk Source: Events Today

Video: Tire Crashes Through Car Windshield in Canada

An errant tire jumps a highway divider and crashes through a car's windshield.

Video: Creative Spare Tire

Man uses sled to replace tire and it works!

Video: Errant Tire Hits Truck

Chris R. shared this video with us. He said, "This happened yesterday. A stray tire hit my truck driver never stopped on hwy 17 west of Sudbury, ON." The tire busted through his radiator. *Note: This video may take a few seconds to load.

VIDEO: Huge Tire Explosion

Check out this massive tire explosion - a demonstration of OSHA Certification testing.

Truck Driver Struck and Killed While Changing Tire on North Carolina Highway

A truck driver who was changing a tire on his trailer was struck and killed in North Carolina.

Pedestrian Claims Tire Blowout Aggravated PTSD

According to The Patriot-News, a military veteran claims he suffered physiological and physical harm when a truck hit a curb a blew a tire.

Video: Tire Hits Tanker Truck Head-On

The tanker driver did a great job keeping control of the truck.

VIDEO: Redneck Tire Inflation With Ether

Mounting off-road tires using ether. Probably not the safest way to do it.

VIDEO: Bouncing Tire, Sudden Traffic Stop


VIDEO: Bouncing Tire, Sudden Traffic Stop

A truck driver has to react fast to traffic suddenly coming to a stop.

Illinois Truck Driver Killed After Errant Tire Strikes His Truck, Sets it Ablaze

An llinois truck driver was fatally wounded when a tire from a passing truck came loose, flew up and crashed into his truck, igniting it on fire.

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