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VIDEO: Angry Rant Costs Tow Truck Driver His Job

If you have a quick temper, beware, cameras are everywhere. This tow truck driver learned this lesson the hard way.

VIDEO: Truck Tow Fail

Having to call for a tow is bad enough, but having this guy's day just went from bad to worse.

Tow Truck Driver Makes 21-Hour Trip to Return Stranded Dog

Rancid, the canine companion of Richard Helms, had traveled with his owner since 2000, when Helms discovered the dog left alone in an empty...

VIDEO: Russian Tow Truck?

That's one way to do it! - Check out this Russian tow truck!

VIDEO: Forklift As A Tow Truck

Gotta do what you gotta do.

VIDEO: Semi Truck Towing Disaster In Norway

Watch the amazing footage of a towing rig that slipped, bringing near-disaster to all involved. Fortunately there were only minor injuries.

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