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VIDEO: Tow Truck VS Tugboat Tug-O-War

The ultimate tug-o-war contest! A tug boat takes on a tow truck. Who will win?

VIDEO: Tow Truck Driver Dives Under Flood Waters To Rescue Stalled Car

This video captures the above-and-beyond efforts of a tow truck driver who actually has to completely submerge himself in order to help out a...

VIDEO: Tow Truck Driver’s Painful Fail

Somehow, a tow truck driver accidentally backs a car over himself. What the heck happened here?

VIDEO: Very Lucky Tow Truck Driver

A tow truck driver has hooked up cables to a truck. The cables snap and nearly hit the tow truck driver.

VIDEO: Determined Driver Doesn’t Want To Be Towed

Check out this driver with a can-do attitude escaping from a tow truck at the last moment! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ5DEJIT2s8 Source: newsx dailyx

VIDEO: Car Pulls Out In Front Of Tow Truck, Gets Crunched

Motorists need to learn to look both ways! Take a look at this video from Australia showing a 4-wheeler pulling out in front of...

VIDEO: Post Crash Tow Fail

This is one heck of a post-crash tow fail!

VIDEO: Towed Driver Gets Out Of His Car At Light

Watch as this man being towed immediately regrets hopping out of his car at a traffic light!

Tow Truck Gets Last Laugh

This tow truck driver looks like he's getting the last laugh!

Video: Truck Hits Tow Truck, Sends Car Swing Into Traffic

A truck hits a tow truck, which sends the car the tow truck is hauling swinging into oncoming traffic.

VIDEO: Angry Driver Backs Off Of Tow Truck

There are no words... Watch as this angry motorists backs off of a tow truck.

Tow Truck Driver Shocked By Surprise Bee Attack

Jason Small, a Maine flatbed tow truck driver got quite the unpleasant surprise on Wednesday when he was responding to what he thought would be a routine call. Unfortunately, he was not informed that the broken down truck had been hauling bees.

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