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VIDEO: Tow Truck Driver Barely Escapes Being Crushed By Train

A tow truck driver helping to clean up a previous crash in Wichita on Wednesday couldn't get across the tracks in time to avoid...

VIDEO: Tow Truck Escape Fail

A motorist tries to drive his car off of a tow truck. It does not end well. https://youtu.be/35C2-8GrdDA Video Credit: Fast News

VIDEO: Pickup Bounces Off Disabled Semi’s Tire Into Traffic

A pickup fails to move over for a disabled semi hooked up to a tow truck, bouncing off the truck's tires and back into oncoming...

Tow Truck Pulling Semi Involved In Fatal 7 Vehicle Crash

One person was killed in a crash involving at least seven vehicles on I-17 outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, yesterday. Tow Truck Failed To Stop For...

VIDEO: Tow Truck Drags Semi On Its Side

After a truck rolled over on the ramp from Loop 101 to Interstate 10 in Tolleson, Arizona, crews were unable to put the semi back...

VIDEO: Tow Truck Driver Steals Car In Less Than 15 Seconds

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has released this video of a rapid auto theft by an admittedly skilled tow truck driver in hopes of...

VIDEO: Ugly Confrontation Between Tow Truck Driver And Off Duty Cop

Things get heated when a tow truck driver tries to tow away a pickup that's blocking the sidewalk -- only to find himself in...

VIDEO: Angry Tow Truck Driver Takes Out His Frustration

Watch as this ticked off tow truck driver attacks the interior of an SUV -- with a motorcycle. For some reason. Video Credit: ozimoto

VIDEO: Tow Truck Driver Fail

This tow truck driver's fail makes a motorist's bad day even worse!

VIDEO: Man Gets Into Tug Of War With Tow Truck

This SUV driver just won't give up without a fight as a tow truck driver attempts to remove him from a parking lot.

VIDEO: Ultimate Repo Truck

It takes just minutes for this truck to tow away a car. Would this truck make the ultimate repo vehicle?

VIDEO: Funny Truck “Inception”

This video captures a moment of highway hilarity -- a sports car loaded onto a pickup loaded onto a tow truck loaded on the back of a flatbed truck!

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