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TravelCenters of America (TA) broke ground on a heavy- and medium-duty truck charging station in California this week.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is warning drivers about a recent phishing scam impersonating official FMCSA correspondence.  The email is being sent to entities registered with the FMCSA by someone impersonating the FMCSA through fake emails...

PHOTO: A real Michigan pothole

This Michigan pothole has to be seen to be believed. https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/7zppp5/actual_pothole_in_michigan/?ref=share&ref_source=link

Washington State Trooper shares secret for avoiding turn signal ticket

Washington State Trooper C. Thorson took to Twitter to share a video that provides you with everything you need to know about avoiding turn...

VIDEO: This is why you don’t pass a truck on the right on a one lane road

A car driver learns a tough lesson on why you shouldn't pass a truck on the right ON THE SHOULDER.

VIDEO: Hot load! No time for red lights!

A trucker who is clearly on a deadline comes up with a creative solution to avoid stopping at a red light. Captions on the video...

VIDEO: “Only in Orlando”

A motorist in Orlando captured a strange sight -- a man hanging on to the back of a truck's trailer as it travels down...

VIDEO: The worst backing job of all time?

Backing can be tough, especially for a new driver, but this trucker's destructive struggle will make you cringe. During the nearly six minute video captured...

VIDEO: Driver falls out of truck, truck keeps going without him

An unusual scene is caught on another truck driver's dash cam at a Mississippi truck stop. Dash cammer tom tom writes, "fast forward to the...

VIDEO: Maybe the truck was in his blind spot?

Insurance fraud? Texting behind the wheel? Maybe he forgot his glasses? This car driver's dumb move has us baffled.

VIDEO: Car Towed With Front Wheels Locked Up

Watch as a car sustains serious damage when it is towed with the front wheels locked up until police arrive on the scene to...

VIDEO: Semi Truck Vs. Parking Lot

The truck driver in this video struggles to maneuver in a parking lot that is clearly not designed for truck traffic.  

VIDEO: Four Wheeler’s Death Defying Pass Of Fully Loaded Fuel Truck

Watch as a reckless car driver attempting to pass a 150,000 pound fuel truck on Seward Highway in Alaska nearly causes a multi-vehicle crash.

VIDEO: Bone Heads Try To Steal From A Moving Semi

In this incredible footage, three guys with a motorcycle and some bolt cutters try to rob a moving semi truck.

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