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Michigan To Raise Speed Limits To 75 MPH

Michigan To Raise Speed Limits To 75 MPH

Yesterday lawmakers in Michigan approved legislation that will raise the speed limits on some roads to 75 m.p.h. Governor Rick… Read more »

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Detroit DOT Employees Charged For Issuing Fraudulent CDLs

DOT Publishes Speed Limiter Proposal Today

After 10 years of petitioning and legal maneuvering, the U.S. Department of Transportation today officially published a proposal to require… Read more »

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NHTSA Failure

Report Says NHTSA “Too Troubled” To Do Its Job

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was blasted in a new report released today by the Transportation Department, which said that the agency’s poor management and lack of trained staff members has had deadly consequences on the highway.

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Electronic Stability Control Rule

NHTSA Mandates Electronic Stability Contol Systems For Trucks

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finalized a rule yesterday (June 3) that will require all heavy to trucks to have electronic… Read more »

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PHOTO: Don’t Pull Out In Front Of Big Trucks

An important reminder to motorists: Don’t pull out in front of big trucks.

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Mack Launches Breakthrough Suspension For Select Models

Mack trucks announces a suspension system that they claim is the toughest and most stable on the market.

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Utah May Increase Highway Speeds 2013

Utah May Increase Freeway Speed Limits

Utah lawmakers are considering making freeway speeds higher for 4 wheelers which may make things more difficult for truck drivers soon.

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I-35 Toll Reduction in Texas

TxDOT Eases Tolls on Austin Bypass to Reduce Congestion

TxDOT is giving truck drivers a bit of a break on throughway tolls near Austin. Find out how long it will last inside.

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Road Closures New Orleans Super Bowl

Super Bowl Forcing Road Closures All Week

If your route takes you through New Orleans this weekend, you might want to reconsider. Here’s a quick list of closures.

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Truck Driver Actually Helped by Politician

Virginia Attorney General Helps Trucker Put Out Fire

We’re not sure, but we believe this is the first example on record where a politician actually helped a truck driver. More news at 11…

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Motorist Saved by Truck Driver Tennessee

Truck Driver Saves Man From Burning Car

A Tennessee truck driver answered the call when no other motorist would. Read about his incredible story inside.

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Highway 91 Closed Jan 29-30th

CA Hwy 91 Closed for Development Jan. 28- 30th

Heads up truck drivers! California Highway 91 is doing some construction on Jan. 28th through 30th. Be sure you route around!

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Cargo Theft

Freight Theft a Continuing Problem for Truckers

Freight theft is down slightly from the industry high of 2011. Shocking fact? Six states count for nearly 80 percent of all freight theft cases.

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Truck Accident Tip Sheet

What Truck Drivers Should Do After an Accident

Do you know what to do after an accident with your truck? A quick checklist.

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Rep Petri Wisconsin Highway Subcommittee

Wisconsin Rep Added to Highways and Transit Subcommittee

A Wisconsin Republican is now a key player in the 2013 Surface Transportation Bill.

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House Approves $50 BIL for Hurricane Sandy Damage

House Approves $2B for Highways Destroyed by Sandy

House lawmakers pass nearly-unanimous spending bill for storm relief. It goes to the Senate next week for final approval.

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Importance of Truck Tire Maintenance

Why Paying for Quality Tires Saves You More

Aside from the driver and engine, tires are probably the most important part of a truck. Here’s why you pay attention and don’t skimp.

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Smart Highway

High-Tech Smart Highway To Debut In 2013

A futuristic highway that can save energy and improve road safety is set to be installed in the Netherlands by mid-2013.

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Stolen Semi Truck Wrecked Man Aprehended

Man Steals Semi Truck and Accidentally Kills Woman While Fleeing

James Craig Layland was attempting to flee the scene in a truck when he struck a parked SUV with three people inside. He received 45 years for Manslaughter.

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Bridge Lane Closure Memphis West

I-55 Bridge Lane Closure January 7 Through 11th

Plan ahead or avoid the I-55 bridge between Memphis and West Memphis for the week.

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Oregon State Police Truck Driver Stabbing

Trucker Stabbed, Police Need Information

A truck driver sustained severe injuries from a stabbing and police need some answers.

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Billboards Too Distracting to Truckers

Study: Digital Billboards Hazard to Truck Drivers

Studies are finding that digital billboards are doing their jobs a little too well, and that has some industry leaders worried about their drivers.

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Industry Opinions: Better Trucking Companies Value Their Drivers

We wouldn’t argue that building a culture of safety helps the bottom line at a trucking company. But why not be more specific about how to value drivers?

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Winter Driving Tips from a new Trucker

Quick List of What Every New Trucker Needs

A new truck driver lists some things he wish he had taken with him his first time out on the road.

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Jewell Transport

Trucking Company Involved In Fatal Crash Has History of Violations

A trucking company’s safety record is under scrutiny following a fatal crash.

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Truck Drivers Should Avoid Sun

Truck Drivers Shouldn’t Ignore Effects of the Sun

UV rays from the sun work slowly on truck drivers, but many times the damage can be irreversible. What are some options that can protect you?

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FedEx Driver Saves Woman From Fire

VIDEO: Truck Driver Pulls Unconscious Woman From Burning Car

A FedEx Express driver is being called a hero after saving an unconscious woman from a burning car just moments before it exploded.

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Holiday Travel

Truck Drivers Offer Travel Tips To Holiday Travelers

Is there anything they missed? If you know of a good travel tip for truckers or 4 wheelers, post it up!

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Best Fast Food Options

Healthy Habits for a Longer Truck Driving Career

Newer health regulations are tougher to maintain. What can it mean for you?

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Russian Lake Crossing

VIDEO: Meanwhile In Russia, Icy Lake Crossing

In Russia, bridges cross YOU.

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Safe Winter Trucking Donner Pass

Snowed In Along Donner Pass

We’re over a week into December and snow is beginning to blanket regions of the country. One of the more… Read more »

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Winterizing Your Truck-01

Tips For Winterizing Your Truck

Here’s a quick checklist to ensure that you have everything ready for your winter drive times.

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Driver Lucky To Survive Train Accident

VIDEO: Man Survives Devastating Truck Accident

An amazing account of luck and accident survival from a foreign country.

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Infographic Hazardous Holiday Travel

Infographic: The Hazards of Holiday Roads

Truck drivers know better than most anyone how hazardous a road can become. That goes double for the holiday season,… Read more »

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Volvo Finishing ‘Convoy Technology’ Software For Trucks

Will Volvo’s new venture into multi-truck control make the roads safer, or is it just more reliance on gadgets instead of good driving habits?

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Best Fleets

Parking Shortages: Is There a Feasible Solution?

The problem of creating and maintaining safe, affordable truck parking persists. What’s being done about it?

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Truck Driver Earns 3 Million Safe Miles

JB Hunt Truck Driver Honored for 3 Million Safe Miles

Richard Batt of Indiana understands that slow and steady wins the race. He’s got the safe miles to prove it.

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Backwards Motorcycle Crashes

VIDEO: Backwards Crash Compilation

Two and four wheelers do some really dumb things out there, no doubt. This week, we’ll have a look at a unique way to watch 2 wheeler crashes: backwards in slow motion.

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Moving The World's Largest Truck

VIDEO: Moving The World’s Biggest Truck

As they say, “If you bought it, a truck brought it.” That goes for nearly everything, even other trucks.

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North America's Heaviest Load

VIDEO: Trucking North America’s Heaviest Load

That’s one heavy hitting load of dangerous material.

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States Launch More Seatbelt Safety Inititatives

Will the focus on more safety-oriented programs like this one in Georgia affect your decisions on seat belt use?

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Close Shave with the Law

Close Shave With the Law!

She was pulled over just in the “nick” of time…

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Thanksgiving Holiday Traffic Warning 2012

State Highway Enforcement Expected to be Heavy for Holiday

Watch your three, six and nine this week, as a majority of states have announced extra traffic law enforcement during the holiday.

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Dangerous Truck Drivers

Video: Truck Driver Does Power Slides at 60 MPH

Three letters: W T F

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Barriers are Good

VIDEO: Why Center Barriers Are Good

Think those center median safety rails don’t do much? Watch…

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Nacho Doce Brazil Highway

See the Highway of Death in Brazil

As Marcondes walked to his truck, his wife said, “Be careful and may God be with you.” I knew why they talked that way; His route was the “Highway of Death.”

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Cell Phone Safety Hurricane Sandy

Traffic Routes in Northeast Nearly Back to Normal

Most traffic routes in the Northeast are back to normal. Read about which ones aren’t yet.

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Volvo Safety Award 2012

Volvo North America Issues Recall Over Safety Belts

Get the number where you can contact Volvo North America to schedule a safety maintenance appointment.

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Statue Of Liberty

How To Make Your Cell Phone Power Last Longer

Just a quick precautionary, common-sense list about how to keep your cell phone alive as long as needed during a storm.

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Continuous Updates on Hurricane Sandy

Trucking Companies Already Shifting Efforts Toward Storm Relief

Hurricane Sandy is now having a direct and hurtful effect on the economies of the northeastern seaboards. Trucking companies are responding to the need.

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