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Truck Stop Crunch

VIDEO: Truck Stop Crunch

The dash cammer sees it coming and yells, but it’s not enough to save his truck from getting crunched. Video… Read more »

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When You Swing Wide To Avoid The Truck On Your Left But Forget About The Truck On Your Right

VIDEO: When You Swing Wide To Avoid The Truck On Your Left But Forget About The Truck On Your Right

This driver’s dash cam captures a truck on truck hit and run at the Flying J in Dallas, Texas. Video… Read more »

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Blind Side Backing Crash

VIDEO: Blind Side Backing Crash

In this video, the cammer tries to help a trucker with his blind side backing attempt — but the results… Read more »

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Wild Texas Truck Hijack Attempt Leaves Semi With Three Shot Out Tires

Truck Driver Gives Strange Explanation For Parking On I-12

A truck driver is facing charges for parking his rig on I-12 in Louisiana’s Livingston Parish, backing up traffic Tuesday… Read more »

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Hit And Run

VIDEO: Hit And Run At Tennessee TA Caught On Dash Cam

After coming back to find his truck damaged, this driver parked at a Greeneville Tennesee TA Truck Stop checked the… Read more »

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Truck Driver Forgets To Set Brakes

VIDEO: Driver Forgets To Set Brakes — And Chaos Ensues

Watch from every angle as a truck driver forgets to set his brakes, sending his truck crashing through a fence… Read more »

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"Park My Truck" App Launches Today

Cash-Strapped California Town Considers Charging Truckers For Parking

Suisun City, California council members are considering bolstering their budget by charging truck drivers $50 to park on underdeveloped city-owned… Read more »

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Georgia Cop Vs. Tired Trucker

VIDEO: Cop Tells Tired Trucker To Find Another Place To Park

This trucker filmed video shows the interaction between a tired trucker and the Georgia cop who pulled him over.

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Walmart Is Not A Truck Stop

Walmart Is NOT A Truck Stop

There have been a lot of issues recently involving the parking at Walmart’s or I should say, the lack of parking at Walmart. This always brings people, especially drivers of semi’s, to say, “I won’t shop at Walmart anymore because they don’t want me to park there.” Let me tell you a little about WHY.

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No Parking

Truck Driver To Fight $233 Ticket For Parking In His Own Driveway

Truck driver, Martin Turpel has been fined $233.95 by the town of Truro, N.S. for parking in his own driveway.

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Truck Parking

Ms. Manners: Parking and Trash

Our reputation is on the line.

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Video: Truck Stop Parking Gaffe

Video: Truck Stop Parking Gaffe

New drivers are entering the workforce each day. Each day, we get questions from new drivers on how to deal with specific situations. This driver was attempting a tight turn and got stuck. Veteran drivers, what advice do you have for new drivers in a situation like this?

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Trucks Only

“That’s Not What They Mean By Trucks Only”

“That’s not what they mean by trucks only.” – CDLLife reader, Zack sent this one in to us last night.

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Video: Pickup Driver Plays Make-A-Spot

Video: Pickup Driver Plays Make-A-Spot

Apparently the space wasn’t big enough for his pickup…or he’s just a really bad driver.

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PhotoSet: Keep 'Er Between the Lines

PhotoSet: Keep ‘Er Between the Lines

Thank so so much for sharing, John.

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Parking Remover

VIDEO: Parking Remover

Wouldn’t this be great?!

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In The Air

VIDEO: A$$ End in the Air

What the heck? The a$$ end of this trailer is in the air!

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Caption Contest

CDLLife Caption Contest

Photo Caption Contest: Best comment/caption (most likes) gets a prize pack! If you have a photo that’s caption contest-worthy, send… Read more »

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Action Movie Style Parking

VIDEO: Action Movie Style Parking

She could never do a park job like that again if she tried!

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Kansas Tolls Going Up

KDOT Says Rest I-70 Rest Area Facilities Will Go, Parking Will Remain Open

KDOT agreed to close the facilities but keep the parking areas open.

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VIDEO: Truck Stop Parking Do’s And Don’ts

Do you agree with this driver’s list of dos and don’ts? What would you add?

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VIDEO: Parking Karma

Maybe he’ll do a better job at parking next time.

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VIDEO: Parking Vigilante Covers Car In Concrete

This guy won’t be blocking anyone in their parking spot…. ever again.

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VIDEO: Parking Disasters Caught On Tape

If they’re this bad at parking, perhaps they should ride the bus for a bit.

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Delaware River Toll Welcome Center

Pennsylvania Welcome Center Closed Next Week

This popular parking area will be closed next week.

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Need For More Parking

Truck Driver Robbed And Beaten Near Dallas Truck Stop

Stories like this shine a light on the need for more abundant, safe parking.

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Truck Parking

MnDOT Addressing Truck Parking Shortage With New Tech

Minnesota is trying to help truck drivers find more convenient and safer parking with a pilot program based on real-time updates.

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Safe Parking for Trucks Jasons Law

Congressman Urges Truck Drivers to Advise States on Parking Areas

Congressman Paul Tonko wants truck drivers to make the effort to get their voices heard when it comes to safer parking. Find out how you can participate.

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Survey Ranks Top Trucking Concerns For 2016

Top Concerns for Trucking Industry 2012 Study Results

No surprises this year in what’s on the minds of most truck drivers – hours of service, safe parking and flat wages. You can take part in next year’s survey too.

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Semi Truck Idle Law 2012

W. Virginia Extends Idling Ban, w/ Exceptions

West Virginia avoids the sun setting of the previous anti-idling bill. They are allowing exceptions. Find out which ones.

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CDL Life reviews Android Apps for Truckers

Apps for Truckers: Making Life Easier

Check out these useful and free mobile smartphone apps that are designed to help truckers save money!

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Stay Safe Truck Drivers

How to Avoid Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is on the rise. Know what to look for and what to do if you’re thrust into a situation.

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