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Truck Driver Avoids Citations By Submitting Dashcam Footage


According to the Dallas Morning News, truck driver Debra Miller’s dashcam footage helped her get out of two traffic citations.

The video below shows Miller attempting to make a left turn, when a car suddenly comes around her and hits the side of Miller’s truck.

Miller says if it had not been for her dashcam footage, she doubts troopers would have believed that the accident was not her fault.

The second citation Miller feels her dashcam footage helped her avoid was an incident involving a school bus.  Miller was accused of passing a school bus with its flashing lights on, but when Miller replayed the footage, it proved that the bus’s lights were not on and Miller had not done anything wrong.

Miller says she uses a dashcamera to share her stories of the road with her grandchildren.

“My grandchildren, it’s like a legacy for them,” she said. “They get to see where Grandma’s been.”

Has a dashcamera kept you out of trouble in the past?  We want to hear about it.  Email your story to [email protected]!

If you’re interested in purchasing a dash camera system for your truck, check out our dashcam buyers guide.


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