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Senators withdraw bill to ban trucks that aren’t delivering from Georgia highways


One day after submitting a controversial bill to partially ban trucks from Georgia highways, lawmakers have opted to withdraw the bill.

On Wednesday, January 16, Democrat State Senators Donzella James, Harold Jones, and Michael Rhett introduced a bill called SB 23 that would ban all trucks from using Georgia highways unless they were actively dropping off or picking up people or goods.

From the text of the bill:

No person shall drive or move on any highway any trailer or semitrailer unless such trailer or semitrailer is engaging in the pickup or delivery of persons or property or traveling to or from such pickup or delivery.

Violation of the partial truck ban could have resulted in a year in jail or a $1000 fine.

News of the bill immediately sparked outrage in the trucking community — along with confusion the about how the truck ban would be enforced. Many truckers reached out to lawmakers via email and social media to express their disapproval of the bill.

On Thursday, just one day after the bill was been introduced, Senator Donzella James announced that she had found “another way to address the problem” and that she would be withdrawing SB 23.

Hello everyone Senator Donzella James is withdrawing Senate Bill 23 which addresses Regulations on Trailors because we have another way to address the problem which will not require any legislation. Thank you

Posted by Donzella James on Thursday, January 17, 2019

You can click here to view the bill for yourself.


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