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Driver calls for ‘important and useful change’ in face of atrocious workplace conditions


A truck driver is calling for change after the repulsive state of a shipper’s employee restroom left him questioning the sincerity of ‘driver appreciation.’ 

In the post to the Trucker Feed Facebook page made on Monday, November 16th, user Steve S. shared a photo depicting the atrocious conditions of a shipper’s employee restroom, bringing to light the atrocious underbelly of life in the trucking industry.

“Driver appreciation? Nah,” Steve writes. 

“You would think that employers/shippers would care more about basic sanitation on behalf of employees and drivers. This is the worst I have seen in my short 3 month tenure.”

Steve goes on: “It’s a shipper. I don’t want to call names at this time.”

“If you have any influence with shippers, big companies, suggest that the CEO check out the restrooms that the average employee and driver has to use.”

“Maybe we can create a movement to make an important and useful change,” he adds. 

Warning: Graphic image below.

While fellow page members across the board agreed that something has to change, not everyone agreed on where the root of the issue lies. 

“Major gross! Lack of facilities and bad facilities are exactly why I have a potty setup in the truck. Not only no, but hell no,” wrote one sympathetic user. 

“One quick call to the health department….” wrote another. 

“Call them out so they are embarrassed,” another user added. 

In addition to the page members appalled by the disgusting state of the bathroom, others chimed in to point out that these facilities don’t get dirty on their own. 

“I do agree it’s disgusting and no way in hell I’d use it but place blame where it belongs…the nasty trash who did it. Chances are the “employer” gave up and said if people were going to trash it anyway, why bother? No excuse but I’ve seen what people do to public restrooms and there’s no wage going to pay enough for me to clean that,” added one. 

“It was a driver that did that. That’s why no one wants us around,” wrote another. 

“This is a driver issue. The shipper/receiver is providing a restroom. The drivers leave it in this condition,” another group member added.

Whether you agree that the carelessness of the shipper or receiver is to blame in this situation; or believe that the truck drivers and employees should hold each other more accountable, one thing is for certain – something has got to give.

Unfortunately, unkempt restrooms aren’t the only unfortunate, hidden reality of life in trucking. Click here for a look into the chilling reality of what some truckers go through to feel safe and secure at night.


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