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Here are 6 ways this ‘one-stop-shop’ can boost the success of your trucking company


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An Alabama-based company is partnering with truckers across the country to provide smart financial solutions to keep their operations up and running.

There are a lot of freight factoring companies out there, but not many that are also offering a wide variety of customized financial solutions that can help trucking clients not only survive but grow their businesses and thrive.

That’s what makes partnering with Porter Freight Funding different. They have been in the business of helping truckers for decades and they have the products, partnerships, and experience to help you succeed, even in the most challenging times.

Here’s how.

  1. Freight factoring — One of the most popular and important services offered by Porter Freight Funding is freight factoring. You drop off your load, then trade in your invoices and get paid within about a day, giving you access to quick cash flow that you can use for essential expenses like fuel, repairs, and payroll.
  2. A “No B.S.” company philosophy — The folks at Porter Freight Funding have been in the trucking industry long enough to know that honesty goes a long way with their clients. They know most truckers just want a simple, straightforward answer and that’s what they provide.
  3. Freight finding — Clients get access to the Porter Freight Funding database, allowing them to connect with more than 250 top brokers to find the most profitable loads.
  4. Fuel cards — Truckers who need fuel cards can save thousands a year by partnering with Porter Freight Funding to access the benefits of EFS Fuel Networks. Drivers can save 14 cents per gallon at major chain truck stops and more than 25 cents per gallon at mom and pop fueling locations.
  5. Best insurance rates — Porter Freight Funding can help you find affordable insurance coverage through their extensive partner network.
  6. Killer customer service — Perhaps most important of all, Porter Freight Funding helps truckers succeed by providing fast and friendly customer service. They are always polite and respectful, they answer the phone promptly, and they provide smart solutions for all of the problems you’ll run into while you’re out on the road.

“One of the most important decision carriers make is which factoring company to choose.  Many carriers don’t realize not all factors are created equal and it’s not all about what is told to them in a pretty sales pitch. Picking the wrong factoring partner can put them out of business as quickly as they got in! In addition to pricing, Carriers should always consider the fairness of the factor’s contract, what it takes to terminate a contract and read the reviews from other carriers,” said Porter Freight Forwarding company president John Land.

“At Porter Freight, we want you to grow into success stories. We empower you with multiple resources, and we have a whole database of partners to help our clients succeed and grow,” said Director of Marketing Blake Van Leer.

Porter Freight Forwarding (formerly known as “Porter Billing Service”) has served the trucking community for more than 25 years and was recently recognized with FactoringClub’s Best Factoring Company Award 2020. Please click here for a free quote!

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