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VIDEO: This Semi’s risky pass is a heart-stopping close call


A motorist’s dash cam recently captured a semi truck narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with another truck after making a risky pass. 

The video was posted on Facebook and demonstrates just how dangerous crossing a double yellow line to make a pass can be. Not to mention this one happened on an uphill road in the dark of night. 

In the clip, the dashcammer drives alongside a semi truck near Rogers Pass by Golden, B.C. when a another rig suddenly comes into frame on the motorist’s left, crossing a double yellow line in order to overtake the car. 

As the passing tractor trailer speeds up, oncoming headlights can be seen in the distance, quickly approaching the rig using the wrong side of the road as a passing lane. 

Thankfully, the passing semi truck makes it back into the correct lane just in time, missing a collision with the oncoming truck by a hair and forcing the motorist to brake. 

“It was a terrible close call that could have had terrible consequences,” said Sergeant Chad Badry from BC Highway Patrol. 

Check out the alarming video below. 


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