CDLLife App members’ touching tribute to driver who was taken away too soon

In the wake of a terrible accident, CDLLife App members have come together to honor the life of a community member who was taken...

REWARD: Trucker seeking help, offering reward for return of lost trucking kitty

A trucker and CDLLife App member is on the search for his lost cat after the feline went missing in South Dakota recently.  App user...

Trucker-community comes together to help out a driver whose truck was robbed

A CDLLife App user and truck driver was robbed in Bakersfield, California earlier this week. Now, his fellow CDLLife App members are coming together...

Driver warns of the importance of the ‘move-over’ law after near-death experience

A truck driver suffered minor injuries over the weekend after a semi truck hauling an oversized load didn’t observe the ‘move-over’ rule.  The driver, a...

Truckers take a beating during severe storm, ‘travel not advised’

The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) says that multiple roads are impassible after a severe storm passed through on Monday.

This Wendy’s has a drive thru for semis

It's not every day that you see a restaurant that goes above and beyond to serve the trucking community -- that's why when we...

13 of the hardest things that truck drivers have had to overcome

A group of truckers recently gathered on the free CDLLife app to share the toughest things that they've overcome in their driving careers.

Truckers share their biggest fears coming into the trucking industry

Dozens of truckers recently got together on the free CDLLife app to talk about the things that they dread happening while they're behind the wheel.

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