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N. Smithfield, R.I. Bans Heavy Traffic By Town Hall

Officials in the town of the town of North Smithfield, R.I will soon begin enforcing a new ban on heavy traffic for vehicles weighing more than four tons in the Slatersville Historic District around town hall.

Federal Hearing Renews Employee’s Rights to Paid Breaks

A federal appeals involving truck drivers from Penske ruled that drivers are entitled to paid breaks and rest periods, regardless of a previous federal deregulation exempting trucking companies from the requirement.

Safe Haven Rule Explained

The FMCSA’s Safe Haven rule is perhaps one of the FMCSA’s most misunderstood and misquoted rules. Drivers often assume the rule applies to safe and available parking, but that’s not always the case.

Minnesota’s New Biodiesel Mandate Causes Controversy

Minnesota's new 10 percent biodiesel requirement is highest in the nation, good for farmers but angering the state trucking association with concerns about price and quality

Pennsylvania Steps Up Enforcement Of Refrigerated Loads

Pennsylvania's department of food safety and law officials step up enforcement of refrigerated loads through code red.

Maryland Increases Enforcement Of Move-Over-Law

Officials in Maryland on the whole stretch of I-95 increase enforcement of the state's move-over-law to spread a message and $750 fine .

Make a CB Threat, Face a Fine?

A truck driver is in hot water for making verbal threats to another truck driver via CB radio. Read about CB laws here.

Roadcheck 2014: Arizona Places 164 Drivers Out Of Service

Arizona releases results of Roadcheck 2014.

120 Overweight Vehicles Ticketed For Violating Frost Law

120 overweight trucks ticketed for violating Michigan's frost law.

It’s Here: Roadcheck 2014

This year's Roadcheck 2014, scheduled between June 3rd through June 5th 2014, is the largest targeted enforcement campaign on trucks and buses.

Surprise Inspections In Norfolk, Nebraska

Truckers in Norlfolk, NE surprised when authorities conducted 80 inspections and handed out over 260 violations.

FMCSA To Drivers: Certified Medical Examiner Rule Now In Effect

The FMCSA's new Certified Medical Examiner rule went into effect today. The FMCSA issued a press release, reminding drivers that beginning today, all USDOT driver physicals must be performed by a doctor form the Certified Medical Examiner's Registry.

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