Holiday Song Rarities: A Trucker’s Christmas

We found a holiday song dedicated to truckers that we bet you've never heard before. It's called "A Trucker's Christmas."

Zac Brown Band “Keep Me In Mind”

Have a look at the video for the hottest country music single in December 2011, Zac Brown's "Keep Me In Mind." Rockers aren't the only ones who can get a stadium roaring!

Typical Truckers Luck

David Dopp wrecked a car after he won it...but not just ANY car. Ouch.

Country Christmas Videos

Watch Country Christmas Videos from Faith Hill, Vince Gill, Brian Setzer, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts and many more!

Holiday Big Rig Pics!

We wish truck drivers across the country a safe, fun-filled and happy holiday! Have a look at how some truckers get in the spirit and mark the occasion.

High Octane Hotties

We can't be all business around here. Come inside and rate your favorite gas pump hottie during your down time.

A Country Siren that Sings Your Praises – Lindsay Lawler

Lindsay Lawler loves truckers and she loves to sing about them too. Watch this new video of her hit song "Highway Angel" that's a tribute to helpful truck drivers.

INFOGRAPHIC: WalMart Is a Retail Gargantua

Take a look at how truckers may have saved WalMart millions in just days by stepping up in place of rail freight during tense union negotiations.

Text Auto Correct – Helpful or Hilarious?

Texting while driving is dangerous, but so is sending your mom a text while your smartphone uses auto-correct.

Everyday Truckers Who are Heroes

Why do truckers never make the news as working class heroes? Read why this long haul trucker won a prestigious award and a $10,000 prize.

Ducks Who Truck and the Men Who Team With Them

Every once and a while a story shows up in my email that is just too good to keep to myself, this is one of the stories.

Find Out How to Kill Yourself With Caffeine

The big misconception about caffeine is that it's a good antidote to drowsiness and can effectively stave off sleep. The fact is, the stimulating effects of caffeine wear out pretty quickly.

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