Quick Pictorial: Detroit Auto Show 2012

Have a look at what the world's automakers have to offer us in 2012. The Detroit Auto Show opened for business this week and there's lots to see.

Roadkill Salvage Law Passes in Illinois

Reap the profits from being a one man wrecking crew on Illinois highways...

VIDEO: How Tanker Trucks Are Made

Watch a video that details how they manufacture a 12,000 gallon tanker truck. That's a lot of grain!

VIDEO: The Black Keys “Lonely Boy”

Check out a low budget video from blues rockers The Black Keys. One of the chart toppers for the second week of January.

Trucker Reality Drama “Shipping Wars” Premiers on A&E

A&E has premiered a new reality series about the hazards and profits from being an independent freight shipper. Truckers on TV!

Country Charts: Brantley Gilbert “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do”

Watch the video by a rising songwriting star who's a little bit country and little bit rock 'n roll.

Sweet Hijacking

It's looking like the Grinch got himself a CDL!

Truck and Transportation Conventions 2012

A list of 2012's professional transportation and trucking conventions and festivals. Start making plans now!

VIDEO: Trucking In The 70’s | Spielberg’s “Duel”

Hollywood icon Steven Spielberg chose to film a story about terrorizing truckers in his 1971 feature film debut. Watch it here!

CB Slang Becoming A Dying Art

How current are you on your CB terms? Check the list...

Trucking In The 70s – Smokey & The Bandit

Law dodging, liquor smuggling, bride stealing good times. How could we hate this mish-mash of trucking and Hollywood?

The Completely Ridiculous Audio Accessory No Trucker Should Be Without

We're saying no truck driver should be without this audio accessory because, well, they're the only people who can actually make this thing mobile....

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