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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provided guidance for truckers with an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) affected by the Microsoft outage.
California police arrested a truck driver following a truck fire and explosion in Tracy on Wednesday.

Push to allow teen truckers to drive interstate moves forward in Congress

The U.S. Senate has followed the House in proposing legislation to allow eighteen to twenty-one year olds to drive interstate. On August 16, Senators Todd...

Yet another HOS reform bill has surfaced — but this one is supported by the ATA

A new piece of legislation aiming to reform Hours of Service regulations was introduced in the House yesterday. 

New bill to delay ELD enforcement, reform HOS and ELD regulations

Yesterday two lawmakers introduced new legislation that would put the brakes on Electronic Logging Device (ELD) enforcement while reforms are made to both Hours of Service (HOS) regulations and ELD regulations, particularly for agricultural haulers.

Missouri passes law forbidding unsafe roadside inspections

Missouri lawmakers recently passed new legislation containing a provision that would prevent law enforcement officers from performing roadside commercial vehicle inspections under some circumstances.

Senators introduce bill to permanently ease HOS and ELD regulations for livestock haulers

On Wednesday, a Nebraska senator introduced a new bill that would ease "overly strict trucking" regulations for drivers hauling livestock.

Missouri transportation bill to forbid roadside inspections where the speed limit exceeds 40 MPH

A pending transportation bill would ban law enforcement officers from performing roadside inspections on many Missouri roadways in the name of safety and privacy.

Virginia has fined thousands of drivers for violating “slow poke” law

A new report shows that law enforcement officers in Virginia have been vigorously enforcing the state's new left lane driving law.

California bill would punish retailers who work with trucking companies that abuse their drivers

A new bill submitted by a California Democrat seeks to put a stop to the exploitation of port  truck drivers by making retailers who hire abusive trucking companies jointly liable for violations of the state's labor laws.

VIDEO: Trucker shows customer what happens when he doesn’t pay his invoice

In this video entitled "When Customer Doesn't Pay Invoice", a sand truck driver appears to make a special delivery to a client who failed to pay his bill.

New Bill Would Delay ELD Mandate For 2 Years

A bill introduced today would push back the December 18, 2017, ELD Mandate compliance date by two years. Bill Would Give Trucker Two More Years...

New Bill: Commit A Felony Involving Human Trafficking, Lose Your CDL For Life

This week the Senate proposed new legislation that would strip a person's CDL for life if that person is convicted of a felony involving...

Congress Considers Bill To Allow Restaurants In Rest Areas

Last week a new bill was introduced in Congress that would allow restaurants and convenience stores in interstate rest areas. Commercialization of Rest Areas Could...

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