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Bridges in 16 states will soon see improvements or be replaced after $5 billion in grants was announced on Wednesday.  The Biden administration announced the states and bridges awarded the grant money on Wednesday, July 17th, reported...
One person is dead and another was injured following a train vs. semi truck collision in in Dundy County, Nebraska, on Tuesday.

VIDEO: Dump truck causes multi-vehicle pileup

A dump truck fails to slow for a line of stopped traffic, causing a serious multi-vehicle crash.

VIDEO: FHP blames hydraulics malfunction for this dump truck crash

The Florida Highway Patrol says that the dump truck in this video struck an overhead highway sign because of a malfunction of the hydraulics system.

Dump truck knocks down 15 utility poles

New York police say that a dump truck driver with a raised bed became tangled in power lines and took out more than a dozen utility poles in a crash that left more than a thousand people without power yesterday.

VIDEO: Dump truck dumps car

A dump truck PIT Maneuver is caught on dash cam

Indiana troopers stop truck dumping human poop on U.S. 50 near Brownstown

Indiana State Police (ISP) say that they pulled over a dump truck yesterday after noticing that it was spilling an unknown substance on the highway -- only to learn that unknown substance was human poop.

VIDEO: Officer comes to the rescue after dump truck driver has seizure

A Greenfield police officer hopped into the cab of a runaway dump truck to save a 61 year old driver who was having a...

This fiery dump truck crash happened because a PT Cruiser BACKED UP on Highway 360

Texas traffic cameras captured the fiery aftermath of a dump truck crash that happened on Tuesday in Grand Prairie when a car driver stopped in the middle of the roadway AND THEN BACKED UP, forcing the truck driver to take evasive maneuvers.

Video PSA: Slow down when you take a turn

This video serves as a quick reminder about what can happen when you fly through a turn in a truck.

VIDEO: Truck explodes as it takes out pedestrian bridge

Take a look at mind-blowing footage of a truck vs. pedestrian bridge crash that happened near Montreal this morning.

VIDEO: Plastic sheet falls off dump truck, eats SUV whole

The Minnesota State Patrol shared this dash cam video as a reminder to drivers to secure objects on their trucks and trailers. On February 16,...

VIDEO: Runaway tire gives dump truck driver a scare

Watch as a rogue tire crosses the median and goes after a dump truck. This video, entitled "Killer Tire" was uploaded by YouTube user Emily Spivy....

Truck driver rescued after crashing into Portland basketball star’s swimming pool

A driver is in serious condition after losing control of his dump truck and crashing it into a swimming pool owned by Portland Trail...

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