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VIDEO: FedEx Yard Spotter Runs Afoul Of Poles

A FedEx yard spotter finds himself in an tricky situation.

VIDEO: FedEx Freight Delivers A Scary Cutoff

FedEx doesn't deliver packages so much as a brown pants moment for the dash cammer.  

VIDEO: FedEx Truck Drops Caboose

A FedEx truck hauling doubles loses a trailer at a Pilot truck stop. http://youtu.be/qXEQ7SaWgw8 Video Credit: stan heuler

FedEx Ground Truck Takes Gunfire In Memphis

Memphis police say that a motorist opened fire on a FedEx Ground truck yesterday, breaking the truck's windshield and leaving the team husband and...

VIDEO: FedEx Driver Saves Flag From Fire

Watch as a FedEx driver goes in to save an American flag from a group of protesters in Iowa City on Thursday. https://youtu.be/ZCVJ-kDt-4k Video Credit: DC Statesman

VIDEO: FedEx Truck Skates Through Truckee With CHP Escort

Watch as a FedEx truck hauling doubles with locked up brake lines skids through slippery conditions with help from the California Highway Patrol. Read more about...

VIDEO: Chevy Pulls FedEx Truck Hauling Doubles Up A Snowy Hill

It's a case of David helping Goliath as a Chevy pickup helps a stuck FedEx truck up a hill in this video sent in...

FedEx CEO Says Trump’s Trade Policy Puts Thousands Of Jobs At Risk

FedEx CEO Fred Smith has issued a stern warning to President-Elect Donald Trump on the impact that his trade policies could have on tens...

VIDEO: Driver Demonstrating How To Hook Up Doubles Is Strangely Satisfying

Is it the fog? The editing? We're not sure, but something about this video makes it mesmerizing. Video Credit: Mitch T

FedEx Driver/Firefighter Accused Of Setting Fires And Putting Them Out

An Indiana firefighter who also works as a FedEx delivery truck driver has been accused of starting 15 fires in the Leavenworth area while...

FedEx Truck Plows Into Olive Garden

Missouri police are trying to determine why a FedEx truck hauling doubles left the road and crashed into an Olive Garden restaurant in the...

Aggravated Assault Charges Filed For FedEx Truck Driver in School Bus Road Rage Incident

A FedEx truck driver has been charged with aggravated assault following a three week investigation into an alleged road rage incident with a school...

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