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New Hazmat Training and Labeling Rule Goes Into Effect December 1

New hazmat rule goes into effect December 1. Get the information here.

FMCSA Mulls Exemption To New HOS Requirements

The FMCSA is mulling an exemption to the new HOS requirements.

Driver Under the Influence Slams Into Tanker, Shuts Down Highway

The cause of a Friday afternoon tanker crash has been released.

Carrier Faces Criminal Charges For Fatal HazMat Leak

Find out what caused an ammonia leak that killed a South Carolina woman and what charges the carrier is now facing.

Truck Driver Apps: HazMat Checkers

We feature two mobile apps for smartphones that assist you in choosing the correct placard for your HAZMAT cargo.

Industry Opinions: DOT Inspection Pitfalls

A short list of things even veteran truck drivers can get caught with, alongside the regulation reference and the associated CSA severity weight points in parentheses.

Truck Driver’s Quick Thinking Averted Disaster

A truck driver's quick reaction is being credited with averting a disaster.

VIDEO: Tanker Explosion At Speedway International, Flames Seen And Felt For Miles

Watch raw footage of a Canadian tanker explosion that set off a series of explosions.

FMCSA to Redefine Tanker

FMCSA to reevaluate its definition for "tank vehicle." Find out the proposed change.

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