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Florida police are investigating a dump truck crash that left a commercial vehicle driver with serious injuries on Thursday.
Construction on a new truck stop in Texas began earlier this week Work on the new Chisum Travel Center began on July 8th, and is expected to last through July 31st, 2025.  The truck stop will be located...

VIDEO: Jeep Driver Goes Off-Road To Avoid California Traffic Jam

When traffic becomes backed up on the I15 - I215 southbound freeway, a Jeep driver decides to make his own path.

PHOTO: Donner Pass Eats A Jeep Alive

The California Highway Patrol -- Truckee division shared a stunning photo of a Jeep Cherokee abandoned on the shoulder of the road and covered...

VIDEO: Little Red Jeep To The Rescue

A Jeep driver is out to prove that size doesn't matter as he helps to rescue a stuck semi truck! https://youtu.be/CU0mOi3_tDw Video Credit: Castanet News

VIDEO: Team Of Three Jeeps Rescue Four Semis

Three Jeep drivers team up to rescue four semis stuck on the I-84 ramp near Troutdale, Oregon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB9rc2oVvB8 Video Credit: OFFROADPDX

VIDEO: Semi Almost Takes Out Jeep After Cutting Across Three Lanes

A truck driver merges onto the interstate and swiftly cuts across three lanes, coming incredibly close to causing a collision with a Jeep. https://youtu.be/LUhDm4Fio_o Video Credit: Justin...

VIDEO: Motorist Devises Creative Solution For Left Lane Lingerer

Some drivers need a reminder that the left lane is for passing only. See how this creative Jeep driver gets a pokey white van...

VIDEO: Texas Jeep Club Pulls Stuck Truck Up Icy Hill

Watch as this truck driver records his rescue as members from the Jeep Club in Texas pull his truck up an icy hill on...

VIDEO: Jeep Does Dukes Of Hazard Jump Off Car Trailer

We've all thought about driving our cars onto a parked car trailer -- but this Jeep driver actually did it, flipping his vehicle over...

VIDEO: Idiot Drives Jeep On Highway In Reverse At 45 MPH

Watch as an idiot drives his Jeep in reverse at highway speeds in a suspected road rage incident in Milwaukee! Video Credit: ViralHog

VIDEO: Jeep Drives Into Barrier And Flies Backwards

In this wild dash cam video, a jeep driver loses control and hits a barrier, then flies backward into the vehicle filming! According to the video description, everyone survived the crash.

Video: Jeep Tows Loaded Flatbed

A Jeep tows a loaded flatbed on Route 53 in Romeoville, Illinois.

Video: Man Rages About Jeep Being Stuck in Snow

Who's ready for winter? This man might not be over last winter yet. He appears to be very stuck in the snow. Watch as his frustration escalates.

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