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The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is seeking public help in locating a suspect who threw bricks at multiple vehicles including a box truck in King County this week.
A truck driver’s safe following distance probably prevented some serious crashes in this dash cam video.  In the clip, the filming driver is traveling behind a camper that suddenly slows and maneuvers around some obstacles before pulling...

Trucking Company Owner Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion

A trucking company owner has pleaded guilty to tax evasion after failing guilty to pay taxes on more than $600,000 in income in over...

Eight year old crossing the road for bus killed by semi truck

An eight year old girl who was crossing the road to board a school bus was killed in a hit and run crash with a semi truck this morning.

Someone is attacking St. Louis drivers with bowling balls

Drivers in St. Louis, Missouri, have been reporting that their moving vehicles have been attacked by thrown and rolled bowling balls.

I-55 in Missouri shut down for 25 vehicle pileup

The Missouri Highway Patrol says that twenty-five vehicles were involved in a pileup crash on I-55 in Arnold this afternoon.

Missouri mulls ending CDL revocation for failure to pay child support

Lawmakers in Missouri say that they are considering a plan to address the "truck driver shortage" by ending the practice of revoking a driver's CDL if he or she fails to pay child support.

St. Louis police warn drivers after “heavily armed cruising” incident at truck stop

St. Louis Metropolitan Police have shared footage of several people exchanging gunfire during an "armed cruising" incident at a small truck stop.

Missing student possibly spotted at Missouri truck stop, thought to be with truck driver

Investigators say that an Iowa student who has been missing for two weeks may have been spotted at a truck stop near Kansas City, Missouri, and is thought to be with a truck driver.

Watch a bobtail truck and SUV play real life bumper cars on a St. Louis road

Caught on camera -- a bizarre incident of a truck driver and an SUV driver apparently ramming into each other on purpose in North County, St. Louis.

Missouri passes law forbidding unsafe roadside inspections

Missouri lawmakers recently passed new legislation containing a provision that would prevent law enforcement officers from performing roadside commercial vehicle inspections under some circumstances.

Major traffic delays expected when I-70 in Kansas City shuts down for a weekend

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) announced that they will be closing down a stretch of I-70 in the metro Kansas City area for a weekend in June.

Missouri transportation bill to forbid roadside inspections where the speed limit exceeds 40 MPH

A pending transportation bill would ban law enforcement officers from performing roadside inspections on many Missouri roadways in the name of safety and privacy.

Here are the states that are fighting back against ELDs

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's electronic logging device (ELD) mandate has become one of the trucking industry's most controversial regulations -- and several...

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