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A passerby captured unusual video of a man clinging to the front of a semi truck near a fast food restaurant in Arlington.
Small plane lands at truck stop diner in pitstop that surprises patrons in Michigan late last week.  The surprise took place on February 23rd at the 76 Truck Stop Diner on 329 South 48th Avenue in Coopersville,...

$4.4 million in liquid meth found in semi truck’s fuel tank, say Oklahoma police

Police in Oklahoma say that two people were arrested after they made one of the largest drug seizures in state history yesterday.

Man in critical condition after climbing atop big rig and grabbing live power line

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says that a man was seriously injured yesterday in a mishap involving a semi truck and a live power line.

Semi truck fully submerged following deadly crash off Roosevelt Bridge

A double fatality crash has forced Oklahoma transportation officials to shut down the Roosevelt Bridge over Lake Texoma near the Texas border.

Trucker reportedly assaulted while defending female driver at Oklahoma truck stop

A truck driver says that he was attacked and "almost died" after he tried to protect a female truck driver during a disagreement about taking too long at the fuel pumps at a Love's truck stop in Oklahoma City this week.

Oklahoma trucker who inspired millions with song passes away from colon cancer

A veteran trucker from Oklahoma who shared his last ride in his truck with millions of people across the internet passed away this morning.

Naked truck driver arrested after hit and run crash

A naked semi truck driver was taken into custody after reportedly driving the wrong way down the street and smashing into another motorist. The incident occurred...

Generous truck driver leaves $2,000 tip for waitress

A Mississippi truck driver walked into a small-town diner for a meal and left changing a life. On May 13, 2018, truck driver David Platt...

Girl Scouts music video reminds truckers not to crash into shark bridge in Enid

A group of helpful Oklahoma Girl Scouts created a music video designed to remind truckers to steer clear of a notorious low clearance "shark" bridge.

Lots of companies *say* they appreciate their drivers. Freymiller *shows* them.

Freymiller recently announced that they will be keeping their promise to pass on their customer rate increases directly to their drivers by increasing driver pay for the third time in nine months.

Michigan is latest state to start enforcing left lane laws

Police officers began cracking down on left lane drivers on March 1st.

Multiple truck crash on icy I-40 caught on camera

Oklahoma storm chasers catch incredible footage of the moment multiple trucks fall prey to icy conditions on I-40. CRASH CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Val Castor and...

Disabled truck hauling four elephants blocks Oklahoma highway

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says that a truck hauling four elephants broke down on U.S. 69 near Eufaula this afternoon. Elephants Spotted On Oklahoma Highway Oklahoma troopers...

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