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VIDEO: Tanker Truck Rollover Caught On Police Dash Cam

As an Oregon police officer pulls over an RV, his dash cam captures a tanker truck overturning on a sharp corner of the road...

DUI Charges For Trucker Who Crashed While Changing Pants At 63 MPH

Vermont police say that a truck driver will face DUI charges following a crash yesterday morning on I-89 that happened while he was changing...

VIDEO: High Wind Rolls Dash Cammer On I-80

Watch as a semi suddenly overturns on I-80 because of a strong gust of wind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v89H4ETFaVM Video Credit: GlobalLeaks News

VIDEO: Tire Blowout Causes Box Truck Rollover

A blowout results in a violent rollover crash on I-495 south. https://youtu.be/LMAPUo4tav8 Video Credit: Jager Popov

Semi Spills 40,000 Pounds Of Pennies Into I-95 In Delaware

A tractor trailer hauling thousands of unstamped pennies overturned early this morning, spilling coins all over the northbound lanes of I-95 in Delaware. The crash...

VIDEO: Pickup Rolls And Then Keeps Going Like Nothing Happened

A little vehicle rollover isn't enough to keep these guys in a pickup truck from completing whatever their very important mission was. Video Credit: Webby93

VIDEO: CRST Truck Rolls On I-84

A motorist's dash cam captures a CRST truck rollover on I-84 in Idaho yesterday. We are unable to find out information on the condition...

VIDEO: Truck Slams Into Trees And Overturns On Shoulder

As highway traffic suddenly slows, the trucker with the dash cam captures a heart stopping crash on the shoulder of the road. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S14DLGkXkjo Video Credit: TruckerMedia

VIDEO: Truck Takes A Tumble On Ramp

Two trucks switch lanes a couple of times, then one of them takes a ramp quickly and overturns. https://youtu.be/J_T9aSHbTbE Video Credit: David Gomez

VIDEO: Kentucky Van Rollover Crash

After a van violently crashes close to a truck on I-65 in Louisville, watch as motorists and professional drivers work together to make sure that...

VIDEO: Truck Rolls Into Concrete Barrier

This video captured by a truck driver on April 15 captures the terrifying moment that a semi in the oncoming lanes crashes, rolling into...

VIDEO: Box Truck Takes Terrifying Tumble

According to the dash cammer, "You can see the light blue side of the box truck coming down from I-25 to West Bound 6th...

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