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These “subhuman” driver bathroom conditions inspired a rant that all truckers should hear


Truck driver and CDLLife App member Nikodeemus recently took to the app to share an all-too-familiar trucker complaint – the state of driver bathrooms. 

“I don’t like to complain but I don’t like to be treated as subhuman more,” Niko began. 

“I’m in Denver and this is what drivers get to use as a restroom. These are rentals and are supposed to be serviced regularly. The sticker says the units were checked yesterday. It’s just shameful how they treat people who bring them everything they sell in their stores. I’ll bet you couldn’t get one of their executives to drop their pants in one.”

“Rant over,” he concluded.  

Based on the shared photos, Niko has every right to complain. And he isn’t the only one experiencing atrocious conditions like this. From gross bathrooms, to unsafe truck parking, the life of a trucker has a dank underbelly that much of the general public never even considers. 

“There’s no way I could use that. I’d rather go in the woods than in that,” one CDLLife member commented. 

Without Trucks America Stops, but some businesses seem to have forgotten this important fact. 

Be safe out there, drivers.


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