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Urgent: Help Locate Missing Arkansas Man

Drivers, we need your help! Please read and share this article.

Illinois Truck Driving Championship to Be Held on June 16

If you're passing through Illinois this weekend and find yourself with some extra time on your hands, you should swing by the Professional Truck Driving Championship. Get the details here.

Illinois Raises the Stakes for Dangerous Drivers

Illinois lawmakers want to make dangerous drivers a rare threat on the state's highways. Will it be enough to protect truck drivers from distracted and aggressive drivers on the highways?

NATO Event Causes Truck Traffic Snarls in Chicago

NATO is holding a summit in downtown Chicago this week that will compromise many well-traveled trucking routes. Find out which routes and what areas to avoid so you can arrive on time.

Two Truck Drivers Taken for a Ride at a Joplin Truck Stop

Two truck drivers are scammed out of their money in a card game scam. Find out what you should be on the lookout for.

Injured Trucker Sues Alton Trucking Company

Trucker sues company for worker's compensation benefits and wrongful termination. Find out why he was terminated and the current state of the litigation.

Illinois Proposes Bill To Limit Trucking Fees

A Democratic State Senator from Illinois proposes a fee cut for truckers. Find out what the bill is and what is proposes inside.

Harrisburg, Illinois Tornado Takes Trucker On Wild Ride

A twister in Harrisburg, Illinois takes trucker on wild ride. See a photo of the carnage.

Panther Transportation Offers Signing Bonuses In March

Panther has announced they may pay out nearly $15,000 for every qualified driver who enters their loyalty plan.

VIDEO: Chevelle “Face To The Floor” Rock Chart Toppers

Watch the new video from heavy rock chart toppers Chevelle. It's called "Face To the Floor."

2011 Featured Peak Levels of Cargo Theft

The crime of cargo theft is on the rise which is bad news for long haul truckers. They seem to be targeting lower value freight, however.

Roadkill Salvage Law Passes in Illinois

Reap the profits from being a one man wrecking crew on Illinois highways...

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