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Volvo Trucks Pays Tribute to Military Heroes

Volvo trucks are once again participating in the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom, this time constructing and customizing a truck with patriotic imagery. See more of it inside.

Volvo Unveils Natural Gas Powered Engine

Volvo introduces natural gas powered engine. Find out when it will be available.

Volvo Hybrid Truck Sets New Land Speed Record

See Volvo's newest R&D project on hybrid energy puts a little kick to the pants of the idea that hybrid vehicles are slow and boring.

It’s a Good Time to Buy a Used Truck

If you're looking to buy a used Class 8 truck, now's the time. How long will the low prices hold out?

Video: Volvo XE 13 Operating Tips

Video: This video gives some operating tips for driving the XE concept and the Volvo I-Shift transmission. Wanna give it a test drive?

VIDEO: Volvo’s Pink Lady

A Volvo driver and transportation business owner shows us her custom semi truck she calls The Pink Lady.

Volvo Wants to Know: “How Safe Is Your Fleet?”

Do you drive for a fleet that has a great safety record? Volvo wants to know more about them, and they're offering quite a prize for the safest fleet in North America.

VIDEO: Volvo VN 780 – A Closer Look

The new 2012 Volvo VN 780 semi tractor is one of the safest and most advanced heavy duty trucks on the road. Get a closer look.

Bendix Issues Recall Notice on Traction Control Valve in Trucks

Bendix issues an alert for a Traction Control & Stability System valve in some semi tractor trailers. Web link and phone number here.

Quick Pictorial: Detroit Auto Show 2012

Have a look at what the world's automakers have to offer us in 2012. The Detroit Auto Show opened for business this week and there's lots to see.

Volvo Making Hands-Free Bluetooth Standard

In a progressive move to comply with the new federal hand-held cell ban, Volvo standardizes Bluetooth enabled radios in it's commercial truck line.

The Trucks of the Future? Volvo’s 2020 Concept Truck… Or Spaceship?

Volvo has an idea of where trucking is headed in the next 10 years. It's quite a video...

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