Truck Driver Murdered In Houston

Trucker Murdered On Gulf Freeway In Houston

A truck driver was shot and killed on the Gulf Freeway in Houston early this morning. Truck Driver Shot In… Read more »

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12 Vehicle Pileup During Dust Storm on I-10

12 Vehicle Dust Storm Pileup Involves Semi, Fire Truck, DPS Vehicle

Twelve vehicles were involved in a pileup on I-10 near San Simon, Arizona, yesterday during a dust storm. DPS Vehicle, Fire… Read more »

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Nebraska State Troopers Conduct Another Surprise Truck Inspection Blitz

Nebraska Springs Second Surprise Truck Inspection Spree In Three Days

Just two days after one major surprise truck inspection spree, Nebraska State Troopers conducted another one yesterday — with similar… Read more »

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TDOT Worker Killed By Trucker Who Violated Move Over Law

Police: TDOT Worker Killed, Three Injured, When Truck Driver Violated “Move Over” Law

A truck driver is being investigated for criminal negligence for his role in a crash that killed a Tennessee Department… Read more »

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Maryland Police Use Dump Trucks To Catch Distracted Drivers

Maryland Police Use Dump Trucks To Nab Texting Drivers

Police in Maryland used dump trucks to spot texting drivers during a distracted driving enforcement operation on I-95 yesterday. Operation… Read more »

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Snapchat Sued For Speed Filter

Snapchat “Speed Filter” Blamed For Teen’s 107 MPH Crash

A popular social media app called Snapchat is being blamed in a lawsuit for tempting a teen to drive well… Read more »

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Stolen Flatbed Police Chase

VIDEO: Florida Police Release Wild Flatbed Truck Pursuit Dash Cam Footage

Doral police have released incredible dash cam footage of their pursuit of a stolen flatbed truck hauling a forklift on… Read more »

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Wired Says Trucking Is About To Become Even Less Fun

Wired: Truck Driving Is About To Become Even Less Fun

A new article in Wired magazine explores how self-driving trucks probably won’t put truckers out of a job — but… Read more »

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Nebraska Surprise Truck Inspection Blitz

Nebraska State Police Conduct Surprise Truck Inspection Blitz

Nebraska State Troopers teamed up with police in Lincoln to conduct a surprise semi truck inspection blitz yesterday. Inspectors Placed… Read more »

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Retain New Truck Drivers 90 Days To Drop Truck Driver Turnover By Half

ATA: Retain Truck Drivers For Just 90 Days For Impressive Turnover Reduction

The American Trucking Association says that if carriers could hold onto new truck drivers for a mere 90 days, overall… Read more »

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Fatal Crash Ruled Suicide by Truck

Fatal Crash Ruled Suicide By Truck

Police have determined that a fatal wrong way car vs. tractor trailer crash that happened on Monday night in western… Read more »

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Truckers Box In Road Rager To Save Family

Truckers Box In Road Rager To Protect Family On The Highway

Truckers worked together to box in a road raging Subaru driver who was threatening a family of three on I-70… Read more »

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Volvo Recall

Nearly 1,000 Recalled Volvos Unaccounted For

According to a statement from the FMCSA, nearly 1,000 Volvo trucks affected by the recall remain unaccounted for.

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Trucker Turnover On The Rise

Trucker Turnover Hits Five Year High Mark

According to new data released by the American Trucking Association, trucker turnover has hit a five year high mark. Trucker… Read more »

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Senate Bill

Spending Bill Takes Aim At HOS Regulations

The Senate Appropriations Committee last week advanced a spending bill on Thursday that takes aim at current HOS regulations.

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Dust Storm Shuts Down I-10

Blowing Dust Shuts Down 62 Miles Of I-10, Trucks Crash

Blowing dust forced the Arizona Department of Transportation to shut down 62 miles of I-10 yesterday for about 2 hours…. Read more »

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Truck Crashes Into House, Tow Truck Driver Arrested

Truck Crashes Into House, Tow Truck Driver Called In To Remove It Arrested

After a truck rolled backwards and crashed into a home in Greenbrier, Tennessee, this morning, police arrested the tow truck… Read more »

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Landstar Phishing Scam

Landstar Employees’ Social Security Numbers Accidentally Given To Scammers

Landstar System Inc. recently fell victim to a phishing scam and accidentally gave the scammers their employees’ social security numbers, which… Read more »

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Truckers Attempt Rescue Of Pickup Driver

Truckers Shelter Traffic From Unconscious Pickup Driver

Two truck drivers worked together to corral an out of control pickup driven by a man who had lost consciousness on… Read more »

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Truck Driver Killed By Steel Beams

Trucker Killed By Loose Load Of Steel Beams

A trucker lost his life this morning when a load of steel beams came crashing through the cab of his… Read more »

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North Dakota Seeks Almost One Million Dollar Fine Against Trucking Company

Illegal Dumping Fine To Cost Trucking Company Almost $1 Million

North Dakota authorities are seeking nearly $1 million in fines against a trucking company accused of illegally dumping salt water… Read more »

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UPS Truck Driver Lawsuit

Lawsuit: UPS Truck Drivers Forced Into Shockingly Unsafe Working Conditions

A lawsuit filed this week by dozens of UPS truck drivers claims that the company forces them to drive unsafe… Read more »

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Global Container Terminal Shut Down Following Fatal Accident

Global Container Terminal Shut Down After Pedestrian Is Killed By Truck

The Global Container Terminal in Jersey City has been shut down for the rest of the day after one person… Read more »

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Truck Drivers Fight Over Bag Of Pot

Lost Bag Of Weed Leads To Tire Thumper Vs. Knife Fight Between Truck Drivers

Two truck drivers traveling together became involved in an armed altercation with each other at a Love’s Truck Stop in… Read more »

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Oregon Police To Conduct Distracted Driving ‘Saturation Patrol’

On Saturday, April 23, through Sunday, April 24, law enforcement agencies in central Oregon will be conducting a “saturation patrol.”

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Oklahoma State Trooper Tries To Pull Over Speeding Trucker

Oklahoma Trooper Rear Ended By Truck Driver Who Refused To Stop

An Oklahoma State Trooper was rear ended by a truck this afternoon while he attempted to pull the truck over… Read more »

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Wisconsin Gives Trucks The Right Of Way In Roundabouts

Wisconsin Gives Big Trucks The Right Of Way In Roundabouts

Wisconsin lawmakers have given trucks the right of way in the state’s roundabouts in hopes of increasing safety and reducing… Read more »

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Portland To Increase Truck Tax

Portland Plans To Make Truckers Pay Millions For Street Maintenance

Portland, Oregon, has a plan introduce a new tax that will force truckers to pay millions for road maintenance. Portland… Read more »

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Police Release Image Of Mystery Truck That Dumped Mystery Substance In Intersection

Police Search For Mystery Truck That Dumped Mystery Substance On Ohio Road

Police in Mentor, Ohio, have released an image of a truck that they believe dumped a “mystery substance” onto an… Read more »

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Joann E.Wingate charged with giving illegal physicals to truck drivers

Updated Driver Examination Form Requirement Goes Into Effect Today

Beginning April 20, 2016, certified MEs performing physical examinations of CMV drivers must use the revised versions of the Medical Examination Report (MER) Form (MCSA–5875) and the Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC) Form (MCSA–5876).

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Trucker Who Died In Houston Flood Waters Identified

Trucker Who Lost His Life In Houston Flood Waters Identified

The trucker who died in the cab of his truck which was submerged by dangerous flood waters in Houston on… Read more »

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Motorists Save Driver From Burning Truck

Motorists Rescue Trucker After Fiery Crash

A truck driver was rescued by a group of passing motorists after a fiery crash on I-91 in Connecticut this… Read more »

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Traffic Costs Trucking Big Time

Study: Traffic Congestion Costs Trucking Big Time

A new study from the American Transportation Research Institute found that that traffic congestion cost the trucking industry almost $50 billion… Read more »

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Arkansas's New Virtual Weigh Station

Arkansas Has “Virtual” Solution For Weigh Station Avoiders

Arkansas transportation officials are installing a virtual weigh station on U.S. 64 near Alma in hopes of catching truck drivers who… Read more »

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Trucker Found Dead In Rig Submerged In Houston Flood Waters

Trucker’s Body Discovered In Rig Submerged By Houston Flood Waters

A trucker’s body was discovered in the cab of his submerged truck in Houston today. Early reports indicate that the… Read more »

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Ingenious Shipping Container Homes

VIDEO: Unbelievable Shipping Container Homes

Take a look at some of the ingenious designs that went into this collection of homes constructed using shipping containers…. Read more »

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Diabetic Trucker Hunts For Therapy Dog

Diabetic Trucker Desperately Hunts For Stolen Therapy Dog

A New Jersey trucker is desperate to find his therapy dog, who he says was stolen from the cab of… Read more »

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Meijer Agrees To Reimburse Trucker After Towing His Truck

Meijer Agrees To Reimburse Trucker After Towing His Rig While He Shopped Inside

An Ohio Meijer has agreed to reimburse a trucker after they towed his rig from their Huber Heights store while… Read more »

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Celadon Founder Dies

Celadon Founder Dies At Age 76

Steve Russell, the founder of one of the nation’s biggest trucking companies, died today at the age of 76. Celadon… Read more »

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Broad Mountain Deemed Too Dangerous for Big Rigs

PennDOT Says Broad Mountain Is Too Dangerous For Big Rigs

After three trucks crashed in three days on the steep decent of Route 93 on Broad Mountain, the Pennsylvania Department… Read more »

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Police On The Hunt For Bizarre Hit And Run Suspect

Trucker Forced Off The Road By Bizarre Hit And Run

California police are on the hunt for the driver of a white sedan who ran a big rig off the… Read more »

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Love's Employee Killed At Truck Stop

Love’s Employee Fatally Struck By Truck While Trying To Retrieve Hat

A North Carolina Love’s employee was killed yesterday at the truck stop when he was run over by a truck… Read more »

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Prime Inc. Sues New York Over Highway Tax

Prime Inc. Sues New York Governor Over Highway Taxes

One of the nation’s largest trucking companies, Prime Inc., is taking New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State… Read more »

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Glenwood Canyon

I-70 Through Glenwood Canyon Finally Fully Reopens

Nearly two months after a major rockslide forced transportation officials to shut down I-70 through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado, all… Read more »

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Katt Williams Threatens To Shoot Trucker

LISTEN: Comedian Katt Williams Allegedly Threatened To Shoot A Trucker At Georgia Flying J

Recently released 911 calls made by a retired Dallas police officer indicate the comedian Katt Williams became involved in an… Read more »

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Store Tows Driver's Semi While He Shops Inside

Store Tows Semi While Driver Shops Inside

A California based trucker is angry after an Ohio store towed his truck during the 90 minutes that he was… Read more »

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Judge Rules That Trucker Can't Park His Rig At Home

Judge: Trucker Can’t Park His Rig At His Home

A North Dakota judge ruled on Tuesday that a Fargo-based trucker cannot park his rig in his own driveway. Parking… Read more »

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Freightliner Cascadia Trucks Recalled

Nearly 9000 Freightliner Cascadia Trucks Recalled For Fire Risk

Almost 9000 Freightliner Cascadia trucks have been recalled voluntarily because of a defect that could increase the risk of a… Read more »

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Ohio State Trooper Hit By Truck

Trucker Charged For Crashing Into Ohio State Trooper

A truck driver has been charged after crashing into a parked Ohio State Trooper yesterday. Truck Hit Ohio State Trooper… Read more »

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Woman Arrested For Stealing Beer Truck

Woman Crashes Stolen Beer Truck After Police Pursuit

A woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing a beer truck and leading police on a chase before crashing into… Read more »

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