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I-70 Pileups

Miles-long traffic backups reported after ‘multiple semi trucks’ involved in pileup

Missouri transportation officials have shut down parts of I-70 after several semi trucks and passenger vehicles were involved two major pileup crashes.

California trucking company files for bankruptcy

A California truck load carrier filed for bankruptcy this week, making it the second carrier in a week to file.
Trucker pushes flood-stranded car to safety

Trucker pushes flood-stranded car to safety

A local news crew captured the moment that a truck driver came to the aid of a car driver stranded by flood waters.
PA Truck Ban Tickets

Troopers issued over 800 tickets to truckers who ignored travel ban

Pennsylvania State Police issued nearly a quarter of a million dollars' worth of citations to truck drivers during a weather related travel ban earlier this week.
Woman seeks mystery trucker who helped her husband after blowover

Woman seeks mystery trucker who helped her husband after blowover

A driver's wife has reached out to the trucking community in hopes of finding the trucker who stopped to help her husband after a wind-related rollover crash in Illinois.
Buck Creek

Trucker takes on restricted mountain route, winds up in creek

A semi truck driver dared to take a North Carolina mountain road marked as a no-truck route and paid the price, falling down an embankment and landing in the creek below.

Thousands of drivers stuck in 20 mile backup after spun-out semis force interstate shutdown

Oregon transportation officials say that drivers are running out of food and fuel after a major overnight interstate closure.
Energy Drinks

Trailer full of $65K worth of energy drinks goes missing

Federal authorities are on the hunt after a trailer full of energy drinks went missing overnight in Florida.

Oversize load snaps trailer that was carrying it

The Nebraska State Patrol had their hands full over the weekend when an oversized load broke the equipment that was hauling it, forcing crews to get creative to find a solution. 
Trucker Rescues Trucker

Hero trucker saves fellow driver who was ‘bleeding to death’ in truck stop

Kansas police are calling a semi truck driver a hero after he went above and beyond to save the life of another driver suffering from a medical emergency at a truck stop.

$400 million trucking carrier files for bankruptcy, surprising employees and customers

Last year, the company ranked as the 17th largest LTL carrier and generated more than $400 million in revenue.

PennDOT announces large-scale travel ban ahead of snow storm

Transportation officials in Pennsylvania have issued a large-scale commercial vehicle travel ban to go into effect on Tuesday, February 12, in anticipation of snowfall and freezing rain. A full commercial vehicle ban will take effect...

Car driver cited after getting wedged between semi truck and highway barrier

A motorist was taken to the hospital and recieved a citation after getting wedged between a tractor trailer and a concrete barrier. The incident happened on Interstate 70 Westbound in Enon, Ohio, on Sunday. According to...

‘At least 40 vehicles’ involved in snowy pileup, shutting down interstate in both directions

A large pileup involving at least 40 vehicles shut down a stretch of Interstate 94 on Sunday afternoon.

Here are the 10 cities where truckers have the longest wait times

In 2018, truckers waited an average of 2.5 hours to be loaded or unloaded. Here are the cities with the 10 longest wait times.

Truck driver’s slick maneuver helps him avoid 24-vehicle pileup

A dash cam clip of a trucker avoiding a 24-vehicle pileup was recently released, showing the driver's quick maneuver that prevented him from adding to the pileup. The footage was filmed on January 29th, on...

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