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See Volvo’s *very* driverless truck in action at port terminal

Truck maker Volvo just debuted video of the autonomous electric "Vera" truck performing real world work at a port terminal. Vera was recently assigned the task of moving...
Sioux Tribe

Sioux tribe forces semi truck off of reservation

Sioux tribal police forced a truck driver off of a South Dakota reservation after accusing him of illegally hauling materials for the Keystone XL pipeline.
Missing FedEx driver

Truck driver who went missing from truck stop is ok, says family

Family members say that a truck driver who was reported missing from an Alabama truck stop is okay.
Dirty Truck Art

California driver turns dirty trucks into art

A Los Angeles box truck driver was recently featured by the L.A. Times for the unique murals he creates using nothing but the dirt on his truck.
Canada ELD

Canada officially announces their own ELD Mandate

Canadian authorities have announced that their country's commercial vehicle drivers will be required to use Electronic Logging Device technology within the next two years.
Falcon Transport Co

Pilot sues shut-down trucking company over $800,000 in unpaid fuel charges

A recently shuttered trucking company is facing more bad news as truck stop giant Pilot Travel Centers has filed suit over hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid fuel charges.
Alabama Human Trafficking

Alabama to require mandatory human trafficking training for new CDL holders

Lawmakers in Alabama have passed a bill that will require all new Commercial Drivers License (CDL) applicants to complete a human trafficking training course.
Rhode Island

Rhode Island finds over 800 violations during Roadcheck

Rhode Island State Police say that they uncovered hundreds of truck and driver violations during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck campaign.
300000 driver purge

Group tells Congress thousands of truckers are ‘illicit drug users’ & recommends 300,000 driver...

During a major meeting between trucking industry stakeholders and Congress today, a group comprised of multiple mega-carriers told lawmakers that they have evidence that thousands of truck drivers are "manipulating" drug testing protocols and should be removed from the nation's highways.
Fake Plate

Police not fooled by trucker’s fake license plate

California police say that a semi truck driver's homemade license plate led them to uncover a number of other major violations.
Operation ByPass

Troopers announce ‘Operation ByPass’ trucker crackdown

The Illinois State Police have announced that they'll be conducting enhanced enforcement details designed to catch truckers who avoid weigh stations.
PA Turnpike Fire

Truck hauling paper explodes at diesel pumps at Turnpike service station

A tractor trailer hauling paper caught fire and exploded at a Pennsylvania Turnpike service station early this morning.

Escaped monkey runs amok at Ohio truck stop

The antics of a 'vicious' escaped Capuchin monkey named Teeko made for an unusual early morning at a small truck stop in Ohio yesterday.
Totally Fine

Motorist totally fine after crash with semi takes the roof off his car

A motorist walked away from what could have been a devastating crash without a scratch, Sacramento firefighters say.

Major interstate closed for deadly shooting

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has closed down both directions of I-35 for a suspect shooting at vehicles.
Truck stop shooting ends in standoff with police

Trucker vs. trucker shooting leads to attempted murder charge

Illinois police have released more information about a weekend truck stop shooting that led to an armed standoff with police -- and attempted first degree homicide charges.

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