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Non-Chain Truck Stops

Truckers name their favorite non-chain truck stops

There's nothing wrong with stopping at some of the big chain truck stops, but sometimes you want to break out of the corporate box and support the mom and pop establishments.

Trucker in stable condition after semi plunges off overpass

The traffic video of a semi truck plunging off of an overpass has been released to the public after a serious wreck Wednesday. The accident happened in Cincinnati,...

$500 fines possible for truckers on Connecticut parkways

Truck drivers could soon be facing $500 fines for entering certain highways in Connecticut. The House of Representatives approved a bill Wednesday that proposes $500 fines for any...

Company turns trucking into a real-life video game

A company developing remote-control trucks believes that gamers could be the trucking industry's answer to perceived "driver shortage." According to Bloomberg, Phantom Auto, an autonomous vehicle company located in...

Trucker wins lawsuit against former employer — walks away with only $35

A truck driver who went to court with his employer over wages was awarded just $35 dollars by the magistrate in Goshen, Indiana earlier this week. According to...

A team of robot dogs successfully towed a box truck

A team of dog-like robots was able to tow a box truck across a parking lot in this bizarre video put out by Boston Dynamics. In the video,...
Meth in Melons

Border Patrol finds $6 million worth of meth hidden in melon shipment

Last week, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol intercepted a massive amount of methamphetamine hidden in a tractor trailer.

10 Reasons Why Every Trucker Should Use This App

The CDLLife APP is the fastest growing all-in-one trucker tool.  Here are 10 reasons why drivers love it. Save Money on Fuel Everybody likes saving money. In trucking, the single largest expense that most drivers have...
State to use cameras to catch work zone speeders

State to use cameras to catch work zone speeders

Transportation authorities in Pennsylvania will start using camera technology to automatically detect and ticket drivers who speed in work zones.

100 mph motorist collides with moving big rig

A motorist going more than 100 mph crashed into the back of a moving semi truck near Dallas, Texas early Wednesday morning. The accident happened at around 2:30a.m....
Cops ask for help finding road rager who fired at semi truck

Cops ask for help finding road rager who fired at semi truck

Police in North Carolina are asking for help in identifying a car driver who fired multiple shots at a semi truck during a road rage confrontation this week.
Drone Move Over

Police use drone to show how serious they are about ‘move over’ enforcement

An Illinois sheriff has shared unique drone footage showing just how quickly and efficiently they are pulling over drivers who fail to move over for emergency vehicles. On Monday,...
Truck Stop Rescue

Truck stop worker saves the life of choking trucker

A Love's truck stop worker has been credited with saving the life of a truck driver who collapsed while choking on a bite of a hamburger.

Major semi truck explosion reported at busy port

Authorities in California have confirmed that a semi truck exploded at the Port of Los Angeles on Monday.
Trump pays visit to Minnesota truck dealership

Trump pays visit to Minnesota truck dealership

Workers at a heavy duty truck dealership were treated to a visit from President Trump on Monday as he delivered a message about taxes.
Former employee kills one at Michigan trucking company, steals semi at gunpoint, kills one other

Man sentenced to life in prison for trucking company shooting spree

A Michigan judge sentenced a former trucking company worker to life in prison without parole for the shooting deaths of two ex-coworkers.

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