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Woman Sues Ohio City $500 Billion for Towing Her Car

Can a Saturn hatchback really be worth $500 billion dollars? Ehhhh - "No" says an Ohio Magistrate Judge. Tough luck, lady!

Freebies For Dads On Father’s Day!

Father's Day is just around the corner. See what Dad can get for free on his special day, read 'Some freebies for Dad on Father's Day'!

Mobile WiFi Options for Truck Drivers

We know how frustrating it can be, truck drivers. You put in your entire work day, you're tired, you're legs are sore and you...

TWIC Registration Process Gets Simplified

TWIC is a shipping port security standard that hasn't quite lived up to its potential yet. It also has an aggravating registration process for truck drivers. What's changing?

Universal Transportation Services Gets A New Name

Intermodal trucking company changes its name. Find out why.

Report: The Most Dangerous Rollover Locations By State

The American Transportation Research Institute released report naming some of the most dangerous roads, with the highest rate of large truck rollover accidents. How often do you drive these dangerous roads?

Shaffer Trucking Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Shaffer Trucking celebrates its 75th anniversary in a big way! Get the details here.

Truck Drivers Can Chat With Country Star Lindsay Lawler Today

Truck drivers with a few spare minutes this evening can ask country music singer and trucker advocate Lindsay Lawler questions about her career and community outreach.
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ATA, CVSA and AAA Release Video In Support Of EOBRs

ATA, CVSA and AAA Release Video In Support Of EOBRs. Watch it here. Do you agree?

Three Drivers Earn Top Trucker Buddy Spot For April

A team of three drivers were named Trucker Buddy of the Month for April. What did they do to earn the distinction and how can you get involved?

Connecticut Trucking Association Calls For Diesel Tax Reversal

Two special interest groups have asked the Connecticut General Assembly to reconsider a $.05 diesel tax hike.