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Truckers, Trucking Group File Suit To Block Oregon Fuel Standards

Truck drivers, the ATA, the American Fuel & Photochemical Manufacturers and the Consumer Energy Alliance have joined forces, and filed an injunction against the state of Oregon, in an attempt to block the state's low carbon fuel standards from taking effect.

One Helluva Typo

Check out this crazy typo spotted at the pump by reddit user: FrozenMidnight.

Infographic: Trucks, The New Green Machine?

How green are today's trucks?

Proposed PA Fuel Tax Hike May Cost Trucking Companies 300K Yearly

The proposed fuel taxes are some of the newest Go To plans for states to fund infrastructure shortfalls on the backs of trucking companies, which they say cause the most stress and damage to highways and bridges.

Michigan Proposes 18 Cent Diesel Fuel Tax

In another move to hurt the bottom line of small trucking companies, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder this week announced plans to boost the cost...

Traffic Congestion Costs Truck Drivers $27 Billion A Year

Find out how much it costs truck drivers for every hour spent waiting in traffic, and find out which cities cost drivers the most.

VIDEO: Truck Of The Future? Artisan Vs. Designs Diesel Hybrid

Would you consider this truck option?

Mobile Apps: Gas Buddy Can Save Fuel Money

A free mobile app can help truck drivers save a good percentage of their fuel budget with each pump. Do you use it?

What Does Idling Actually Cost Truck Drivers?

Do you save money by limiting your idle time? What are some alternatives to idling?

Transportation ‘Fair’ Tax Would Tax Miles Driven

Would this save you money or cost you more?

Clean Energy Completes First Stage Of Nationwide Fueling Stations

If CNG was as available to you as diesel, would you make the switch?

Shore Power Technologies Expands Into More Truck Stops

A company that takes truck idling very seriously just expanded their power kiosks across the country. Find out where.

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