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One person is dead and another was injured following a train vs. semi truck collision in in Dundy County, Nebraska, on Tuesday.
The Truck Safety Coalition (TSC) told transportation officials that they are "dismayed, disappointed, and deeply disturbed" that rulemaking on heavy truck speed limiters and automatic emergency braking systems has been pushed back to 2025.

FMCSA to yank highway funds from Iowa unless it toughens up on texting truckers

TheĀ Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has warned the Iowa Department of Transportation that it risks losing $35 million in federal highway funding if...

Lawsuit: Trucker Fired For Refusing To Text And Drive “Like Everyone Else”

A truck driver has filed suit against a California trucking company who he says fired him because he refused read texts from his supervisor...

VIDEO: Trucker’s Rant Video Shows The True Cost Of Distracted Driving

This trucker's viral rant video gives drivers an up close and personal look at the real life consequences of texting behind the wheel.

PHOTO: “Funeral Home” Billboard Encourage Drivers to ‘Text And Drive’

An ad agency in Toronto created this billboard advertising for a fake funeral home as a slightly morbid reminder of the ultimate cost of...

Troopers Use Big Rig To Nab Texting Drivers

Tennessee troopers are using 18 wheelers to catch and ticket texting drivers.

Cops Dress As Construction Workers To Catch Texting Drivers

Georgia police used a sneaky tactic to snag texting drivers on Wednesday -- they disguised themselves as construction workers.

VIDEO: It Can Wait

Please don't text, post, email, search, or use your phone while driving. It's not worth the risk. It can wait.

Ms. Manners: Driving, Not A Secondary Task

When any of us are out driving, even if only in our cars or pick-up truck - whatever your driving, it is your primary task. It has no secondary.

Texting & Driving: Are Women Worse Than Men?

In spite of the fact that texting and driving has time and time again proven to be a deadly combination, 47% of adults who...

Video: Girl Shares Tragic Texting and Driving Story

This is the story of Liz Marks. On her way to school one morning, she received a text and it changed her life forever. Please don't text and drive, and don't read your texts while you're driving. One second can change your life forever.

Video: Driver’s Message to Texting Drivers

Driver urges motorists to put the phone down and drive!

Maine Police To Ride in Trucks To Combat Distracted Driving

Maine State Police launch anti-distraced driving initiative and recruit truck drivers to catch other truck drivers.

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