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Truck Driver In Fatal Accident Accused Of Texting, Deleting Texts

A truck driver involved in a fatal accident that shut down traffic on I-71 in Verona for most of a day last January was...

Video: Distracted Driver Runs Red Light, Hits Truck

According to the video's description, the driver who ran the red light was distracted. The distracted driver suffered minor injuries. The truck driver was uninjured.

VIDEO: Texting And Driving, Truck VS Car

Check out this unbelievable texting and driving accident filmed at an intersection!

VIDEO: U Text. U Drive. U Pay

Check out this new video from the distracted driving U Text. U Drive. U Pay campaign!

VIDEO: Reckless Texting Driver Caught On Dashcam

A texting driver's wreck is caught on dashcam.

VIDEO: Texting Bus Driver Hits Truck

A distracted bus driver slams into the back of a truck.

Teen Texting And Driving Fatalities Surpass Drunk Driving Deaths

It's finally happened - texting and driving is officially killing more teens annually than drunk driving.

VIDEO: Truck Driver Catches Other Driver Texting And Driving

The camera doesn't show the driver texting. Do you think he might have been?

Slideshow: Funny Texting Fails

In need of a good laugh? These texts are just wrong, but they sure are hilarious.

Statistics on Texting and Driving: An Infographic

Statistics on Texting and Driving: This infographic sheds light on the typical driver you might see texting while driving. Some stats might surprise you!

Connecticut Teen Charged With Negligent Homicide

A Connecticut teen is facing vehicular homicide charges for the death of a 43-year-old jogger. What was she doing at the time of the accident?

Texting Teen Charged with Manslaughter

A 16-year-old Missouri girl is being charged with manslaughter for doing what more than 52% of Americans admit to doing each day. It could happen to you.

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