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North Carolina police say at least 5 people were killed in a crash on I-95 in Wilson County on Wednesday.
TravelCenters of America (TA) broke ground on a heavy- and medium-duty truck charging station in California this week.

VIDEO: Ice Missile Smashes Car Windshield

A motorist gets the a scary surprise when a chunk of ice blows off of a semi and smashes his windshield.  

VIDEO: Wrench Incoming!

The dash cammer's window is shattered after a crescent wrench flies off of a tanker truck. https://youtu.be/t86gjqZbHaw Video Credit: ViralHog

VIDEO: Semi Ice Missile Shatters Car Windshield

A chunk of frozen snow suddenly falls off of a semi's trailer and smashes into a passing car's windshield. Video Credit: Viral Video

Semi’s Metal Tread Plate Smashes Into Car Windshield

A motorist is lucky to be alive after a piece of tread plate from a semi came crashing through his windshield. The incident happened yesterday...

VIDEO: Ice Sheet Obliterates Windshield

This dash cam video shows the moment that an ice sheet flies off of an SUV and destroys the windshield of the car behind...

VIDEO: Don’t Follow Too Closely

A car gets an unexpected surprise when a vehicle kicks up a board and sends it hurling into the car's windshield.

VIDEO: Metal Pole Crashes Through Truck Windshield

A truck kicks up a metal pole. The pole goes airborne and smashes into an oncoming truck's windshield.

Keep A Bottle Of Vinegar In Your Truck

If you don't keep a bottle of vinegar in your truck at all times, you should! Vinegar can be used for all sorts of things, from cooking to cleaning to health care.

VIDEO: Truck Driver Escapes From Windshield

Watch as this truck driver escapes from the windshield after a fatal Route 78 crash.

Driver Praised For Skillful Driving After Deer Soars Through Windshield

The driver behind the wheel of this rig is receiving praise from the Washington State Patrol for his quick thinking and skillful driving after a deer came through his windshield.

Turkey vs. Windshield

Steven, one of our CDLLife readers had quite a shock today when a turkey came out of a ditch and landed in his lap!

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